Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Useful Smartwatch Apps

Some years ago, we may have sworn that smartphones were the best tech devices ever made in this lifetime. Who could blame us, a smartphone now possesses all the possible things we need in our day to day lives. Just so you know, there is an app for everything, from entertaining games to fitness programs to even security systems. And yet, as much as we love our smartphones to bits and pieces, another tech device is stealing the limelight and wants to make a name for itself. The advantage? It’s wearable. Lo and behold, we are looking on the age of smartwatches.

 To prove this point, you may well observe that top tech giants such as Sony, Samsung, Casio, etc. are releasing their very own line of smartwatches. And with this amazing wearable tech comes the apps that aim to make our lives a tad easier. And here are just some of the smartwatch apps that can be handy.

With Wunderlist, you are presented with the easiest way to manage your schedule and tasks at hand. Simplicity is always the key. This app provides you with the most essential functions and commands sans the complicated and superfluous extras. From making a grocery list to taking notes in your meeting, this app will be of great help to you plus it will just be around your wrist so it will always be within your reach.

Google Maps
For a fellow traveller, Google Maps is one of those apps that you can’t leave home without. I know it’s exciting and fun to be lost for a while and finding your own way out of it. But it’s not every day that you have the pleasure of time by your side. Google Maps is the most extensive of all navigational applications, getting through an unknown abyss with this trusty app will be definitely an ace to your travel.
Enough of all the fitness apps you get online when you can just have one. Moves is a fitness app that is not just a simple pedometer. It also includes a sort of fitness diary to keep track of your daily activities and automatically records any walking, cycling, or running that you do including the distance, duration, steps, and calories burned.

Starbucks App
I don’t know about you, but for me, coffee is not just a drink. It’s a morning hug that makes everything so much better afterwards. And so, how cool is it to have a Starbucks app that satisfies all your coffeeholic whims?

BBC News Apps
No matter how busy you are, it pays to be always in the loop with what is happening with the world. Just a quick peep of the breaking news and trending topics can keep you well updated and keeps you connected.

A smartphone can be your bestfriend for now, but who knows in a couple of years we might be opting for a new bestfriend. A smartwatch is a promising replacement don’t you think?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Stores to Enjoy

People nowadays have so much to do. So little time yet so many duties to comply with. With all the hustles and bustles the city keeps on feeding the humanity, ever thought if people still has the time to get their free time? Apparently, they still do and they still need some. They’re humans, not robots. Guess they still cry out for some time to forget all the paper works, reports and all sort and find a moment to relax and enjoy bang-up things this world has to offer.  But what if that free time you were given only seems to be so limited? Like you can’t even go on out-of-town trips or spend the whole day catching up with your friends?

At this moment in time, people are privileged with a lot of choices on how to spend their “limited” free time. So enjoying your not-so-sky is the limit free time is indeed imaginable. Thanks to the ever reliable smartphones. A lot of this kind of gizmo has spread in the market, so bet you got one. And since you are fortunate enough to have one, your problem on how to enjoy your limited free time is now solved.

Apps are one of the main reasons why smartphones are always put to use. Bazillion of them are always available on your smartphone. So there’s no reason for you not to find any app that will give you the fun you deserve. Currently, there are two big names which are always mentioned when asked where you can best download apps – Play Store and App Store. But what difference do they have?

Apart from Play Store being available on Android OS gadgets and App Store for Apple gizmos, what else could they offer to suppose that they got the upper hand?

Samsung, LG, Sony are just some of the gizmos that has the Android running as their OS. If you got Android as your OS, you definitely got the Play Store to download a lot of free apps to entertain you. Games, books, music, name it. Downloading apps from the Play Store can be so convenient. As long as you got your Gmail account already logged in into your device, you’ll be getting the app you want in no time without the need to sign up or logging in into other websites. Plus, these apps that they got are just a dime a dozen.

Here’s more. The Play Store would even show you the apps you might be searching though you have misspelled its name or category. That’s one great convenience in finding the app you want.

Now, if personalizing your device’s appearance is what gives you fun, then the Play Store is the perfect store for you. Play Store offers apps such as Go Launcher Ex and Go SMS Pro that lets your device be you.

Apple on the other hand has the Apple App Store which is only exclusive for Apple gizmo users. Unlike the Play Store, the Apple App Store has a lot more to offer than its competitor talking about the number of apps available. The App store is assumed to be the leading provider of smartphone apps, so whatever category of your ideal app is, the App Store definitely has it for you.

Apple apps may not be at a rock-bottom price but rest assured that the apps you’re gonna get for its price is worth it. In addition, your security is one of Apple’s top priorities so rest assured that the app that you are about to download from the App Store is secured and protected.  

Unfortunately, Apple won’t let you download anything that can make your phone be you. You can’t personalize messaging, or even choose different kinds of themes. So as much as you want your phone to reflect your personality, sad to say but you can’t do that with Apple. Guess Apple just want to keep its sophisticated, elegant look. But hey! Don’t feel bad. After all, there are a lot of iPad and iPhone accessories you can always use to dress up your phone like you.

Play Store or App Store. That doesn’t matter. What matters is you find the app that will definitely let you enjoy your limited free time and quench your boredom. Besides, you deserve to enjoy and feel like a kid again who doesn’t have to worry with stress your duties bombard you.