Thursday, August 22, 2013

Drowned Phone Alert!!!

How many of you had the near life-and-death experience… of your smartphone? You nearly have a heart-attack, didn’t you? Talk about the worst nightmares one can have over their nifty gadgets. The sudden hard bumps, the dreadful scuffs, the heart-shattering shattered screen, and drenching of your phone to water—like the toilet? Yikes! I’ll shudder forever! Worse comes to worst, these cell phone nightmares have damaged your phone permanently, and the only way out is to say goodbye to your pristine, and not to mention, hard-earned phone.

Smartphones, each and every kind, have astounding features, and swimming is definitely not one of them. But nowadays, innovative minds have invented waterproof cell phone covers that could salvage your phone from being drenched to water. So, now you have a reason to ditch your cheap cell phone cover that is good only on dry places. Nevertheless, what could we really do if this impending, dreadful incident happens? Are you just going to watch your phone fall off your grasp and meet its watery fate with a splash? Let me give you some tips to once again salvage your phone after its swim:

·         Keep the phone turned off. Do not—I repeat—do not turn on your device when it just had been soaked wet. Although it’s tempting to turn on the device just to check if it’s okay, resist your urges. Trust me, turning it on will just make matters worse since a current being passed through a wet circuitry will render your device’s circuits fried and totally useless.

·         Disassemble every bit and piece of your device. Evidently, you must disassemble every piece of your gizmo to shake out the excess water dripping. You can place each part on a dry towel to sip the drips or place it in a bag of uncooked dry rice. Leave it at least 12 hours or longer. When drying the parts, do not place them near heat sources since this can cause damage to the internal parts of the waterlogged phone.

·         Check the phone if there is still condensation. Do you still see a liquid form on the LCD screen protector and/or the camera? If so, then, better put your phone and all its disassembled parts right back at the bag of rice and leave it for a few more days.

·         Turn on the device. No dripping parts? Check! No sign of condensation? Check! Are you a hundred percent sure that you have given the bag of rice enough amount of time to do its job on drying your waterlogged phone? Then I guess it’s time to piece together your device, and hope for the best as you power it on. Now, maybe the battery will be zonked for it swam its way through the water. The best solution would be buying a replacement battery to get your phone alive and kicking once again.

If you have heeded these advices and your device did turn on, then there’s not much to say than a job well done! Bear these tips all in mind and you’ll most likely would be the lifesaver of smartphones—now that you know CPR: Cell Phone Restoration.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Sturdiest Phones

Who wouldn't want to have a phone that can keep up with your hardcore adventures? The latest smartphones are hitting the headlines every now and then, whether it's just a rumor, it is being launched, or it has already been released. The phones features, aesthetics, functionalities, and whatnot just keep getting better—all blame to the contending company that sparks the war because of using a new feature. But as they pile up to the high-end handsets, are they sturdy enough to withstand all the impending blows and damages that could happen, or buying accessories for your phone with a pretty hefty price would be another obligation?

Believe me, the heart and bank-breaking news is that your money would always be on the latter. Do you want to know what were the sturdiest phones made—giving you no reason to buy a mobile back case just for its protection from all the bumps and blows? Let's hit the list below:

#1: Nokia 8110

Are you shocked that the list is filled with extinct and outdated phones? You will know why they are sturdy. This one, the phone of 1996, has been said to rule the world. You know why? Because it has an amazing battery life—a lot of people from the 90's who have used this phone would testify. They even call it the Nokia 8110 banana. Not much like the smartphones of today, since, more often than not, the batteries drain just for a day.

#2: Philips BT Cellnet C12 / Philips Orange Savvy

In the year 1999, mobile phones got more compact, yet they featured an antenna to support the signal for exchange of messages or calls. Phones were chunkier before, but it has connected people to their friends and loved ones. The “text speak” started to popularize although the characters for text messaging was only limited. Since the screen only allowed viewing up to two lines, people who peep on your message without you knowing while you are texting would be hard-pressed to know what the topic is!

#3: Nokia 5110

Okay, since having a two-line-capacity-screen seems to be not doing too much for people, Nokia have their product widened up a bit with its Nokia 5110 in the year 1998. Most people resorted to this model rather than Philips since it has a very popular game known as Snakes. Would you even believe that it can open a beer? What phone of today can do that?

#4: Motorola StarTAC 130

The reign of flip tops in 1996! Flip tops were invented for the sake of its portability. The war of mobile phones before centered on the one that has the smallest size. But, nowadays, the war of mobile phones concentrated on who has the largest screen size. Ah, the irony these days… 

#5: Nokia 3310

Who haven't heard of the great Nokia 3310? When you drop this phone on the floor, it will break… the floor into pieces! Alright, that has been a bit exaggerating. But, the good thing about this phone is that no matter how many times you have dropped it—regardless if intended or not—it will be your trusted, sturdy phone ever!

So what are the sturdiest phones? No one could ever beat them even with a rock! Let the social memories be refreshed once again with the sturdiest phones ever made.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Turning Ugly? Perhaps It’s Because of Your Smartphone

I suppose in one way or another, we had our fair share of vain antics regarding the way we look. We wash our face, brush our teeth, and comb our hair for the least, although some take other extraordinary steps in taking care of themselves, sometimes even following arduous beautification rituals.

How important is your looks anyway? I’m pretty sure that no one wants to look unattractive; therefore, we make an effort to look good. However, in order to achieve that, promotion is not only the answer; things that can cause insults to our looks must be prevented as well. And one of the things that can take a toll on our looks is our mobile phone, be it the latest phone or just a cheap one. Don’t you believe me? Then, take a look at these.

1.       Dark, puffy eye circles

According to the study carried out by researchers from the U.S. and Sweden, the radiation emitted by a mobile device can cause headaches and interrupt sleep patterns. Corroboratively, another Swedish study found out that 3 in 4 young people feel the need to be available on their phone around the clock, which consequently leads to sleep deprivation, stress, and depression. Signs of this lack of a restful sleep initially manifest on one’s face.

2.       Morbid wrinkles

The font size of your handheld device sure is something to consider in maintaining your looks. If it’s small and hardly readable, you tend to squint your eyes that may cause wrinkles on your forehead and crow’s feet as time passes by. Squinting puts a strain on the muscles of your face that makes the skin form wrinkles. Perhaps the fix to this is to have some botox shots all over your face, or you can just make the font large enough to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

3.       Skin infections

Studies have found out that 16% of mobile phones are contaminated by harmful microorganisms from fecal material. And it was also shown that a mobile device carries 18 times more harmful bacteria than a public toilet handle. And there you are having your phone pressed against your face several times a day to talk to someone on the line. Just imagine what damage those pathogens can do to your face. Here’s the fix: regularly practice proper hand-washing after your restroom visits, and wipe your phone together with its mobile back case with an alcohol swab at least once a week.

4.       Red eyes

Doing your mobile phone businesses for quite a long time can cause your eyes not only to dry up but to be extremely red. Red eyes are a result of swollen or dilated blood vessels on the sclera that can be avoided by taking frequent breaks from your smartphone screen. As we get fixated with something, our blinking reflex reduces in frequency. So, to get it back to its natural rhythm, practice the 20/20/20 rule. Look 20 feet away, away from the screen of your mobile device, for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. This will allow your blinking reflex to go back to its normal rate, while giving your eyes an opportunity to relax.

We can put the blame on our smartphones all we want, but nothing will happen unless we ourselves take action. It’s not that I’m discouraging you to use your trusty handheld device; what I’m pointing out here is that you have to limit your association to it. It’s up to you; it’s your face were talking about anyway.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Good about Blessed Singleness

We all know that Valentine’s Day has long passed by. Some had the time of their lives, while others just spent their “Me” time, alone of course. More often than not, that’s the day when one goes on a date with his/her significant other to spend some quality time and do all sorts of sweet nothings. I’m fully aware that those without a date that exact day were not so much as ecstatic as those who felt the cheesy hoity-toity feeling of being with the love of their lives.

Let me ask you this, “Is being single all that bad?” You know, some people even prefer a single life over a life limited by a commitment. Others just fail to see the perks of being single. This is why Head Case Designs came up with a collection meant for those who enjoy their single blessedness. Be it V-day or not, you must never let one day be put to waste mourning over being single and alone. Rather, enjoy your life as an independent human being capable of doing anything without anyone restraining you. If you’ll take a closer look on the situation of singles, they are entitled to various opportunities that can even make their lives even happier and worth living. Without further ado, let me present to you the Head Case collection for our amazing single friends entitled Valentines for Singles.

1.       Head Case Single, Happy, and Free Valentines for Singles Case

Being in a relationship doesn’t always promise you happy endings. Actually, being in one makes you susceptible to a dreadful heartbreak and all that comes with it. Sometimes, you’re better off without a person who has the power to rip your heart asunder. Giving someone that power might someday turn out as your worst nightmare. So, instead, live your life to the fullest as a single individual. Never ever feel broken for being alone. If romance will come, it will come, just don’t expect for it.

2.       Head Case Single and Proud Valentines for Singles Back Case

Life is full of dichotomies; no matter who you are, you will certainly experience aspects of your life having conflict of interests. And it’s no surprise that partners can serve as a potential roadblock to our aspirations. Our dreams might not coincide with theirs, hence the compromise. We need to make a choice and stick to it. Who knows, being single might be the answer for a promising career. If that’s the case, be proud of it!

3.       Head Case Yes I’m Single Valentines for Singles Design Case

It takes a hint of narcissism and histrionism to appreciate and value yourself. Who else will love you the most but you, right? If you value yourself as much, then nobody can bring you down, and people will look up to you. Who knows, one of those people might be the future love of your life. Never ever think that you are inadequate just because you are single.

4.       Head Case I Love Me Valentines for Singles Design Case

What’s more important than to love yourself? In fact, loving yourself is the foundation of a successful two-way relationship. In order for someone else to find their way to love you, you must first be full of it. It will radiate because your self-compassion will make you take care of yourself more than ever; therefore, you become better looking. Does it make sense?

Let your blessed singleness shout out with these mobile back cases. Get one now to show the world how amazing you are being single!