Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Social Media Life: Building Trust and Confidence

Social media has created a new norm that a lot of people became hooked up to. It made the world figuratively smaller, and it gave people a convenient avenue for connecting with others. It allows us to catch up with our dear old friends and widen our friendship circle. Furthermore, social media is a pool of many different opportunities, may it be for relationship, career, business, and whatnot. Although truth be told, a lot of people may not be aware that social media can ruin one’s reputation. Simply put, it has its disadvantages.

Nothing is more satisfying than to be trusted in person and online. This is why we have to be careful enough on how we present ourselves to people, especially on social media. It’s true that social media grants people a hint of anonymity; therefore, there is less liability whenever we commit something unacceptable to others. That mere thought already makes social media a potentially chaotic environment that discourages a trusting relationship among netizens. So, in order to build a sense of trust in this facet of your life, follow the tips below:

1.       Be who you really are. Every person is unique with his own set of strong points and flaws. It’s downright unhealthy for our holistic self to deny those things that make us “imperfect.” Rather, we have to accept them as part of us and learn to love them without reluctance. We have to showcase everything about us whether good or bad, and that what will make us human. People will see through those imperfections of ours and will learn to trust us. Take a certain object for example; even though it’s a cheap mobile accessory that you bought at a physical store or from online mobile stores like E_cell, if it gets to do what it’s supposed to and prove its worth, you’ll eventually get to love it.

2.       Admit your mistakes, if there are any, and apologize. Mistakes are innate in humans may it be in a technical or relational aspect. You may have posted something inaccurate that deceived others though it was not your intent, or you may have said something that offended someone else. But, you shouldn’t leave it at that since faults are amplified especially by the wide scope of social media; a mistake can be witnessed by a myriad of users, and what’s worse is that you might be hated by others for your doing. If ever you have done something of that sort, admit your mistake, and apologize. Anyway, we can’t deny the fact that we learn best from our mistakes.

3.       Extend a helping hand. The social media is a vast basin of personalities with various abilities. There are others who rely on other netizens for assistance regarding matters big or small. If it won’t be any hassle to you, extend a helping hand. For example, someone has posed a question, and you think that you have what it takes to provide a satisfying answer, and then do so. That’s quite an easy way to establish rapport that can eventually lead to develop a sense of trust.

4.       Be nice. Everyone always has something to say about everything; however, one has to be careful with the words that come out from his mouth. Many people think that it’s okay to be a spitfire since they are behind a computer screen, thinking that they have the liberty to say anything that pops out in their mind even if it is something slanderous or libellous. If you think it’s in your nature to be critical to people and issues, then always keep in mind the golden rule. I bet that will guide you well enough with the kind of words you’ll be stating online.

Whether you’re logged in your social media account via your PC, tablet, or smartphone, the important thing is to always observe the tips listed above to establish trustworthiness among netizens of the online realm.

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