Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Good about Blessed Singleness

We all know that Valentine’s Day has long passed by. Some had the time of their lives, while others just spent their “Me” time, alone of course. More often than not, that’s the day when one goes on a date with his/her significant other to spend some quality time and do all sorts of sweet nothings. I’m fully aware that those without a date that exact day were not so much as ecstatic as those who felt the cheesy hoity-toity feeling of being with the love of their lives.

Let me ask you this, “Is being single all that bad?” You know, some people even prefer a single life over a life limited by a commitment. Others just fail to see the perks of being single. This is why Head Case Designs came up with a collection meant for those who enjoy their single blessedness. Be it V-day or not, you must never let one day be put to waste mourning over being single and alone. Rather, enjoy your life as an independent human being capable of doing anything without anyone restraining you. If you’ll take a closer look on the situation of singles, they are entitled to various opportunities that can even make their lives even happier and worth living. Without further ado, let me present to you the Head Case collection for our amazing single friends entitled Valentines for Singles.

1.       Head Case Single, Happy, and Free Valentines for Singles Case

Being in a relationship doesn’t always promise you happy endings. Actually, being in one makes you susceptible to a dreadful heartbreak and all that comes with it. Sometimes, you’re better off without a person who has the power to rip your heart asunder. Giving someone that power might someday turn out as your worst nightmare. So, instead, live your life to the fullest as a single individual. Never ever feel broken for being alone. If romance will come, it will come, just don’t expect for it.

2.       Head Case Single and Proud Valentines for Singles Back Case

Life is full of dichotomies; no matter who you are, you will certainly experience aspects of your life having conflict of interests. And it’s no surprise that partners can serve as a potential roadblock to our aspirations. Our dreams might not coincide with theirs, hence the compromise. We need to make a choice and stick to it. Who knows, being single might be the answer for a promising career. If that’s the case, be proud of it!

3.       Head Case Yes I’m Single Valentines for Singles Design Case

It takes a hint of narcissism and histrionism to appreciate and value yourself. Who else will love you the most but you, right? If you value yourself as much, then nobody can bring you down, and people will look up to you. Who knows, one of those people might be the future love of your life. Never ever think that you are inadequate just because you are single.

4.       Head Case I Love Me Valentines for Singles Design Case

What’s more important than to love yourself? In fact, loving yourself is the foundation of a successful two-way relationship. In order for someone else to find their way to love you, you must first be full of it. It will radiate because your self-compassion will make you take care of yourself more than ever; therefore, you become better looking. Does it make sense?

Let your blessed singleness shout out with these mobile back cases. Get one now to show the world how amazing you are being single!

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