Thursday, August 22, 2013

Drowned Phone Alert!!!

How many of you had the near life-and-death experience… of your smartphone? You nearly have a heart-attack, didn’t you? Talk about the worst nightmares one can have over their nifty gadgets. The sudden hard bumps, the dreadful scuffs, the heart-shattering shattered screen, and drenching of your phone to water—like the toilet? Yikes! I’ll shudder forever! Worse comes to worst, these cell phone nightmares have damaged your phone permanently, and the only way out is to say goodbye to your pristine, and not to mention, hard-earned phone.

Smartphones, each and every kind, have astounding features, and swimming is definitely not one of them. But nowadays, innovative minds have invented waterproof cell phone covers that could salvage your phone from being drenched to water. So, now you have a reason to ditch your cheap cell phone cover that is good only on dry places. Nevertheless, what could we really do if this impending, dreadful incident happens? Are you just going to watch your phone fall off your grasp and meet its watery fate with a splash? Let me give you some tips to once again salvage your phone after its swim:

·         Keep the phone turned off. Do not—I repeat—do not turn on your device when it just had been soaked wet. Although it’s tempting to turn on the device just to check if it’s okay, resist your urges. Trust me, turning it on will just make matters worse since a current being passed through a wet circuitry will render your device’s circuits fried and totally useless.

·         Disassemble every bit and piece of your device. Evidently, you must disassemble every piece of your gizmo to shake out the excess water dripping. You can place each part on a dry towel to sip the drips or place it in a bag of uncooked dry rice. Leave it at least 12 hours or longer. When drying the parts, do not place them near heat sources since this can cause damage to the internal parts of the waterlogged phone.

·         Check the phone if there is still condensation. Do you still see a liquid form on the LCD screen protector and/or the camera? If so, then, better put your phone and all its disassembled parts right back at the bag of rice and leave it for a few more days.

·         Turn on the device. No dripping parts? Check! No sign of condensation? Check! Are you a hundred percent sure that you have given the bag of rice enough amount of time to do its job on drying your waterlogged phone? Then I guess it’s time to piece together your device, and hope for the best as you power it on. Now, maybe the battery will be zonked for it swam its way through the water. The best solution would be buying a replacement battery to get your phone alive and kicking once again.

If you have heeded these advices and your device did turn on, then there’s not much to say than a job well done! Bear these tips all in mind and you’ll most likely would be the lifesaver of smartphones—now that you know CPR: Cell Phone Restoration.

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