Monday, August 5, 2013

4 Things that are Worth a Try Doing on Your Tablet

And at long last, the pristine gadget, which is the so-called tablet, is now in your very hands. You know how hard-earned it is, right? You better know what you are going to do with it. Whether you are a hardcore gamer, a music lover, a sucker for movies, or you just want to keep updated and always know what’s trending, read on to know what are the five things you will enjoy doing with your tablet.

But first off, you could get some iPad accessories (or whatever your tablet is) from mobile stores so you could maximize your tablet’s potential. It’s better to watch a movie without the hassle of holding it, right? You can buy a rotating case stand so you could watch those exciting movies at ease. Are you ready for the four things you could do? Keep reading.

#1: Catch up on TV

Try out some apps that could get you updated with the latest TV shows from different channels. When you’re always on-the-go, it’s pretty hard to be a couch potato, evidently. And so, there is an Apps Store or Android Market available so you could find some apps to be kept up to date with the shows you don’t want to miss.

Apps: ITV Player (Android, iPad) free, BBC iPlayer (Android, iPad) free, Demand 5 (iPad) free, 4OD Catch up (iPad) free.

#2: Tear down the Language Barrier

This is more advisable when you are a kind of person that likes to travel. In this way, you won’t fret anymore if you can’t speak the lingo. Just launch the Google Translate and you could communicate with people who are using their native language that is different from yours. You can even toggle the speaker so you’d know how to speak the language. Say ‘Hi’ to everyone!

App: Google Translate (Android) free

#3: Be Updated with the Latest News

When was the last time you have read a newspaper? When was the last time you have been updated about what happened with another country? With this app, you can stay abreast of the latest news without waiting for you to do your daily routine just to sit on the throne and read what’s happening. You even save your fingers from being inky too!

Apps: The Guardian (Android, iPad) prices vary, Sunday Times app (iPad, Android) subscription required, Financial Times How to Spend it (iPad) free

#4: Play Games

Of course, a tablet won’t be a tablet without games in it. What first game went viral the moment the iPad era was introduced? Ooh, you have read my mind… Angry Birds! It has been a tablet (and even on smartphone) sensation that almost all who have a touchscreen gadget would like to install it. But don’t just stick to that game; there also some games that could catch your interest than just the classic slingshot of angry birds just to destroy the house of the pig. But it’s still worth a try.

Apps: Angry Birds Star Wars (Android, iPad) prices vary, Six-Guns (iPad) free, Chaos Rings II/Chaos Rings (iPad, Android) £6.99/£2.49

So keep your USB chargers with you, and always stay tuned on what’s new! There are still lots of things you can do to your tablet; all you have to do is explore.

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