Wednesday, July 31, 2013

If your gadget could talk, what would it tell you?

What separates human beings among any other creatures is our mastery of a language or our ability to talk. That sophistication to express our emotions, our wants, and our opinion is the best thing we have. But come to think of it, have you ever wondered what your gadget would tell you if it happened to have the same gift as yours? Would it be good? Bad? Neutral?
 Let’s have a look on these statements that your ever trusty gadget could have told you if it could only speak.

1. Please give me time to rest.

                I know that they are not human beings; they are in fact some sort of a machine, but that doesn’t give you the justification to abuse their powers in any way. These gadgets, like you, need some time to rest, rejuvenate, and recover. Sometimes, we enjoy their company too much that one fully charged gadget could not last a day; thus, we rave about these portable chargers in the market that aim to prolong our gadgets usage, a.k.a. as our gadget addiction. You will surely regret it especially when the time came that you have to get a replacement part just because of this addiction.

2. I want all or nothing…. of your pocket.

                It’s not that our gadgets are being selfish here; they are just concerned of their welfare. The thing is, when we share our pockets with other things such as our car keys, our wallet, and some spare change, they end up scratching our gadgets’ body, or worse, its screen. Not anyone can have the luxury to purchase a gadget with corning gorilla glass you know. So at least have the decency to separate your gadget from your other stuff, or better yet, have a separate pouch for it.

3. Get me a mobile back case, for crying out loud!

                Providing a cellphone case for your mobile devices is a clear indication of taking good care of it from the potential external harms it may encounter. It comes in different makes, from leather, plastic, to silicone or whichever could suit your taste. And the best part of it is that you can also choose from a variety of designs and creative styles that are available on the market. You can actually turn your device into an accessory whenever you wish to!

4. I love you master.

                At the end of the day, no matter how demanding we may be, our little buddies provide us what we need, assist us in our tasks, and ultimately make our lives a tad easier. They in turn deserve our love and care for all the things that they have done for us.
 Now that all has been said and done, you might want to reconsider how you handle your mobile device.

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Perfect Tablets for Youngsters

Kids of today’s generation just love to try out all technologies that the digital era produces, don’t they? And so, no gadget is safe from them. Even your two year-old-kid knows already how to tap and toggle that phone and tablet of yours. Goes to show that today’s generation can swiftly keep up with the advancement of technology.

But you know kids. They can be as clumsy as they get, rendering your pristine, hard-earned tablet be full of scratches, smeared-up, and full of fingerprints. It seems like no eBook accessory could save your tablet from the ‘wrath’ of kids. Yikes! Itching to know a better idea? You can buy your child a tablet of his own! Good luck if you have more than one child. But if money is an issue to you, hope you could find a tablet on the list that is wallet-friendly. Check out these perky tablets below:

#1: LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra

The thought of your kids being brainwashed by technologies builds apprehension on your side? Fret no more, since this LeapPad Ultra is most practically about learning. It is best for the kids with the age of four to nine year olds because it has 11 preloaded apps to support your child for learning. You think these apps aren’t enough? You can still download over 500 more apps to your liking. Each app then charts the progress of your child, and you can even share it with your friends and family so you can share the joy of your kiddo’s progress. The gadget is also equipped with a front and back shooter so your kid could take pictures and record videos of things that catch their interest. Its key feature is the Zui, which is the secure browser that allows kids to explore online content in safety. Although apps are a little bit expensive as they range from £5 to £15, this tablet is still perfect for kids who are new to tablets. [£119.99]

#2: Hello Kitty Tablet

Your kid is a fan of Hello Kitty?  We have one especially for her. Say hello to Kitty! Although this tablet isn’t running the latest OS of Android, you can still say hello once more to this tablet as it runs Android 4.0 that saves you from the bugs of the Android 4.2.2 version. Besides, as long as your little girl gets busy playing the Hello Kitty tablet, she’ll definitely love this Hello Kitty-inspired tablet! This 7-inch tablet has child protection filters and oh-so cute handy homescreen widgets. They are the tablet’s best features. It’s just perfect for your little girl, don’t you think? The only downside of this tablet is that it doesn’t have a pre-installed Google play. So, native apps would only be limited. [£125]

#3: VTech InnoTab 2

All the aforementioned tablets were kind of pricey? Take a shot with VTech InnoTab 2. What’s even greater about it is that it is encased in a robust shell, and it is available in blue or pink. It has a 1.3-megapixel shooter at the back that is rotatable so your kiddo could take pictures of their friends or turn it around to snap a picture of them. This five-inch LCD touch display features also an eReader, MP3 player, and art studio. It is also perfect for budding camera enthusiasts. [£55]

Pick out the best tablet for your kid, and let him or her have some fun and learn more with tablet! Just make sure your kid brings portable chargers so your kid won’t be totally draining his or her tablet out.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Fruitylicious Thirst-Quenching Back Cases

Looking for a taste bud quencher? Have a bite on fruits! Not only does it quench your thirst; you can also be stomach-filled with its fruity meat. Yum! Talk about the nutrients the fruit gives, you’ll be left wanting for more! Let me share some fun facts about fruits:

  1. A fruit is a part of a flowering plant that is developed from specific tissues of the flower.
  2. Fruits are also said to be the means by which these greeneries disseminate seeds, and these fruits are mostly edible.
  3. They may taste sweet or sour, but you can readily eat them in their raw state.
  4. Most of them are also thirst quenchers like watermelon, orange, grapefruit, and a lot more.

Let’s find out if these fruits can really quench your thirst with these fruityliciously designed mobile back cases designed by Head Case Designs! Check out the Fruity Design back case covers I have enlisted so you could choose to your liking!

#1: Head Case Watermelon Fruity Design Protective Snap-on Back Case Cover

Who wouldn’t drool with this oh-so-watery watermelon? Not to mention it’s evident in its name! You can definitely have a bite and sip from watermelons, but be careful with the seeds. However, biting, sipping, and swallowing would no longer be options since the hard back case happens to be inedible. You wouldn’t want yourself be choking on its gloss coated polycarbonate plastic, would you? Save it for your phone for only £4.95!

#2: Head Case Tangerine Fruity Design Protective Snap-on Back Case Cover

Ooh, that sweet tangerine smell! Rich in vitamin C, and real tasty! How I love to prick those pulps in my mouth and sip out all its juice. Oh, how refreshing! But to get those pulps drawn at the back of my phone? I would definitely bite it! Relish yourself and your phone with this Tangerine Fruity design that definitely gives a refreshing feeling just by seeing it. It makes you want to crave for tangerine, even more if you’re a certified tangerine lover! Get it while it’s fresh for only £4.95!

#3: Head Case Kiwi Fruity Design Protective Snap-on Back Case Cover

Kiwis are real delectable! Should I clarify, I’m talking about the fruit, and not the Kiwi bird. It may have a lot of seeds, yet you don’t have to worry about swallowing them because they are indeed pretty small and swallow-able. Hah! But you can’t swallow the kind of Kiwi that I’m talking about, since it’s a hard back case. You don’t want to choke with that as well, do you? Get this Kiwi Fruity design for £4.95 only!

#4: Head Case Papaya Fruity Design Protective Snap-on Back Case Cover

Ooh, papaya! Good for your health, for your skin, and for your phone! Wait… what? Your phone indeed! This Papaya Fruity design makes your smartphone real enticing while keeping it fully protected. What’s not to love with having this shaped like an elongated melon, tropical fruit printed right at the back of your phone? A few bites of its edible orange flesh and you bid your thirst goodbye. Welcome it for £4.95 only! 

Are you thirsty for more? The online mobile store, E_cell, has everything you will definitely love! This is only one of their perky lineups! Visit the E_cell site for more!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Holidays Apps

Going to beaches, swimming on pools, kayaking or canoeing, camping, fishing, having picnics, traveling, and all the outdoor activities sure spell out summer! So pack your sun cream, your bikini suit, some foods, and all that are necessary for your trip! But wait… planning a trip can be little handful. It can’t just be pack-everything-you’ll-need and then off you go. You must have a plan so you won’t get caught off guard with the impending incidents. Summer’s going to be hot, so you ought to be ready!

You think you’re all set? Think again. To enjoy this sweet, hot summer, we have collected some of the very hot apps for your smartphone! Have these apps on your phone, and you can call it the sweet, hot summer!

#1: BBC Weather

What spoils the summer? Yes, nothing but the weather. It’s good to have a heads up with the weather so you’d know if you could see Mr. Sunny up there. Without Mr. Sunny, the essence of summer will not be amusing. Miss Mr. Sunny no more with this BBC app that manages to offer all of the information you need as you speed to the fast lane to taste that summer. In this way, you’ll know when to perfectly set your trip without being bummed out by the weather. [Free on Android and iOS]

#2: Packing Pro

So, you have packed everything up, you say? Where is your phone? When we are in a haste or with so much excitement, we tend to lose focus on things around us—usually the small yet very important ones. Packing Pro, on the other hand, makes sure that the movie Home Alone would never happen again. Although it’s a nice piece, forgetting your son behind can be really worrisome. Packing Pro helps you organize your list, and it gives you an extra piece of mind. From your mobile accessories, to your luggage full of clothes, and everything in between, you can determine the packaged weight and expense of your luggage. [£1.99 - iOS]

#3: XE Currency

Summer means going out of the country? Be equipped with this XE Currency app. This app lets you know the conversion rates up to the minute. In this way, you’ll know the amount of money you are parting with in pounds sterling. Now, you’ll know how much you spend. [Free on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone]

#4: iTranslate

Still out of the country, and you’re in a place with a different language? I bet that it gets tougher and tougher as you talk to people who speak their own native language different from yours. Now, with iTranslate, you can ask directions, understand their words, and make friends with them without the hassle of looking at the great book of translation. This app supports for more than 60 languages, which means you can be relieved if you have strayed off the beaten track. Just type in your query and let the iTranslate do the rest. [Free on Android and iOS]

#5: Flickr

What is the essence of having a vacation without capturing every perfect moment with your trip? Have those awesome moments be snapped with Flickr. Why choose Flickr? That’s because the app just had a major revamp, and it is now offering up to 1TB of storage just for free. Have the images a nice touch, and enhance their quality with this awesome app. [Free on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone]

There are lots of apps still out there to enjoy summer. Be equipped with these apps, and surely, you’ll have the perfect summer moments!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Can Your Smartphone Keep You from Being Physically Fit?

It’s so much easy to favor and patronize anything that benefits us. Whatever makes our lives easier will surely be loved by us. And because of that, ever since you had a smartphone, you thought your life is utterly incomplete without it right beside you. You feel debilitated whenever it’s not anywhere nearby to get things done for you in a convenient manner. However, little are you aware that taking things too seriously with your smartphone has already caused your fitness plan to gradually fail, and what’s worse is that you’ve already gained some weight.

A new research from the Kent State University has found a connection between heavy mobile phone usage and poor physical fitness among college students. Three hundred students in the Midwest were taken as study participants. They acquired the approximate hours they spend using their mobile device daily, and they tested the fitness levels and body composition of some of them.

As it turned out, they have found out that those who spend a lot of time with their phones—for as much as 14 hours a day—were not as physically fit as those who only use theirs about 90 minutes daily. Additionally, it shows that those who are into mobile phone usage supplement their expanded digital lifestyle with other types of media, like video games or movies, which means that they may not be interested with exercise in the first place. Some, on the other hand, said that whenever they hear their phone buzz or beep, they would stop with whatever they’re doing—even working out—to check what it is about instead.

Says the authors of the study, “The possibility that cell phone use may encourage physical activity among some low-frequency users while disrupting physical activity and encouraging sedentary activity among high-frequency users helps explain the significant negative relationship between cell phone use and cardiorespiratory fitness identified in this study.”

And now, do you think a smartphone is really that beneficial for your fitness? Some of you even have a replacement battery handy as a substitute when you’ve been prompted to recharge. That’s just how serious some are with their computing activities. But if you’ll look on the brighter side of things, you’ll see that there are ways in order for you to encourage physical activity with the use of your mobile device. And this comes in the form of fitness apps. There are already tons of apps out there that help you become fitter and generally healthier. You can use those as a supplement to your workout routines or anything that require physical activity. So if the study above found a link between the two, most certainly, there’s a way out. It just boils down onto choosing apps that benefit your health and using technology the right way.