Monday, July 29, 2013

Fruitylicious Thirst-Quenching Back Cases

Looking for a taste bud quencher? Have a bite on fruits! Not only does it quench your thirst; you can also be stomach-filled with its fruity meat. Yum! Talk about the nutrients the fruit gives, you’ll be left wanting for more! Let me share some fun facts about fruits:

  1. A fruit is a part of a flowering plant that is developed from specific tissues of the flower.
  2. Fruits are also said to be the means by which these greeneries disseminate seeds, and these fruits are mostly edible.
  3. They may taste sweet or sour, but you can readily eat them in their raw state.
  4. Most of them are also thirst quenchers like watermelon, orange, grapefruit, and a lot more.

Let’s find out if these fruits can really quench your thirst with these fruityliciously designed mobile back cases designed by Head Case Designs! Check out the Fruity Design back case covers I have enlisted so you could choose to your liking!

#1: Head Case Watermelon Fruity Design Protective Snap-on Back Case Cover

Who wouldn’t drool with this oh-so-watery watermelon? Not to mention it’s evident in its name! You can definitely have a bite and sip from watermelons, but be careful with the seeds. However, biting, sipping, and swallowing would no longer be options since the hard back case happens to be inedible. You wouldn’t want yourself be choking on its gloss coated polycarbonate plastic, would you? Save it for your phone for only £4.95!

#2: Head Case Tangerine Fruity Design Protective Snap-on Back Case Cover

Ooh, that sweet tangerine smell! Rich in vitamin C, and real tasty! How I love to prick those pulps in my mouth and sip out all its juice. Oh, how refreshing! But to get those pulps drawn at the back of my phone? I would definitely bite it! Relish yourself and your phone with this Tangerine Fruity design that definitely gives a refreshing feeling just by seeing it. It makes you want to crave for tangerine, even more if you’re a certified tangerine lover! Get it while it’s fresh for only £4.95!

#3: Head Case Kiwi Fruity Design Protective Snap-on Back Case Cover

Kiwis are real delectable! Should I clarify, I’m talking about the fruit, and not the Kiwi bird. It may have a lot of seeds, yet you don’t have to worry about swallowing them because they are indeed pretty small and swallow-able. Hah! But you can’t swallow the kind of Kiwi that I’m talking about, since it’s a hard back case. You don’t want to choke with that as well, do you? Get this Kiwi Fruity design for £4.95 only!

#4: Head Case Papaya Fruity Design Protective Snap-on Back Case Cover

Ooh, papaya! Good for your health, for your skin, and for your phone! Wait… what? Your phone indeed! This Papaya Fruity design makes your smartphone real enticing while keeping it fully protected. What’s not to love with having this shaped like an elongated melon, tropical fruit printed right at the back of your phone? A few bites of its edible orange flesh and you bid your thirst goodbye. Welcome it for £4.95 only! 

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