Tuesday, July 9, 2013

S.O.S. Save Our Smartphone

We’ve always regarded our smartphones as super gadgets, and this is because of all the magical things that they can accomplish, considering that they are just as big as our palms and as thin as a cardboard. These little gizmos proved to be not just smart but actually geniuses. It made our lives a tad easier and more convenient; in fact, I can’t really imagine myself without having one in my pocket. I can’t imagine myself functioning without it nestled in my palms.
But then again, no matter how regal and powerful we may regard them to be or no matter how kick-ass and durable they may seem to be, the truth is, they are not without weaknesses. One day, one time, your smartphone will definitely need your help in turn. What are the most common things that we need to fix in our smartphones and how do we deal with them you say? Read on to have an idea.

1.       Scratched Screen

Indeed, the latest smartphones that are coming out of the market nowadays have this amazing screen feature that they call the scratch-resistant corning gorilla glass, but then again, not all of us are fortunate to own those kind. And since a majority of all the smartphones that we own have a touchscreen capability, having an ugly cut in your screen is inevitable. The easiest way to clean the most simple of scratches is by using a pencil eraser. Erase the scratch from your screen just like when you are erasing pencil writings on paper. If in case this will not work, try using petroleum jelly instead. Gently rub a cloth with petroleum jelly on your screen and watch that ugly scratch magically disappear.

2.       Stuck Trackball

This applies especially for BlackBerry users as their smartphones are known to possessing a trackball. It is truly quite annoying when you are in a hurry trying to navigate your smartphone, and then your trackball just stopped working. It feels like you want to throw your smartphone to the farthest place possible and never see it again. This is only an indication that you need to have your trackball cleaned. Dirt and debris are the possible causes of a stuck trackball. The best way to clean it is by using any kind of a self-evaporating solvent like alcohol. Use a cotton bud to apply alcohol over your trackball and allow it to evaporate for a few minutes. Make sure that you will not go over three drops of solvent to your trackball because too much solvent could ruin your smartphone completely.

3.       Frozen Smartphone

If I say a frozen smartphone, I don’t literally mean a frozen smartphone. What I mean is when your smartphone stops responding to your commands just like when your desktop PC hangs. This may be caused by your incessant tapping of buttons without giving it enough time to process the command. The easiest fix for this is by rebooting your phone. Turn it off, take out the replacement battery, wait for at least 30 seconds, put the replacement battery back, and turn it on again.
 A simple glitch in your smartphone doesn’t mean that you already have to buy a new one. Fret not for now you know what to do to fix them.

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