Thursday, July 11, 2013

Help! My Smartphone’s Gone Missing

To most people, their smartphone is their life. Due to its versatility, functionality, and usefulness, it has been used by individuals more than just for telecommunications; it is also being used to manage certain financial accounts and other important private matters. Losing one’s smartphone is like losing an arm and a leg; it can leave a person debilitated. Therefore, one should locate it as soon as possible to restore his life back to the way it used to be—functioning properly and smoothly. If you have experienced missing your smartphone, then follow the tips below to help you locate your precious device.

1.       Keep calm. This really is the first thing that you have to do. You have to keep your composure to help you think clearly about the whereabouts of your smartphone. Being hysterical and panicking won’t help at all. Additionally, having a cool head will help you think of the right thing to do, with that given situation.

2.       Ring your phone. Obviously, you need to call your smartphone; the sound of its ringtone might help you locate it if it’s somewhere nearby. Alternately, if someone else will be hearing it, perhaps that person will answer it and tell you where you can retrieve it. However, this will only work if you’re phone is not in silent mode or turned off.

3.       Search in obvious areas. We’re just unconscious of it, but there are places where we habitually place our things on. Just think real hard and go search where that place may be.

4.       Retrace your steps. Try to remember when was the last time that you took hold of your phone. From then on, take note of the places you’ve been, and go search in those places. Try to be as detailed as possible to help you put the pieces of the puzzle together.

5.       Report it. It’s always better to let somebody else know about your mishap, especially the authorities because they might be of help to you in your search. It’s possible that someone might have found your device and left it in the hands of the authorities for safekeeping. Also, if you managed to apply for insurance over your phone, the insurance company will want a police report. In terms of being locked in a contract, some phone companies may require the same in order to deactivate the account.

6.       Keep your back up plans in mind. Nowadays, there are already smartphone accessories or apps that can help you relocate your missing device. One example is the “Find My iPhone” app. it allows you to determine the location of your phone by means of Google Maps. It will also enable you to lock your phone and erase any sensitive or private data to avoid any more problems. 

7.       Mind your security. We often use our smartphones to access our financial accounts or the social media. With that, we tend to leave such valuable information in there. If those information were possessed by another person with ill intentions, he/she might use those against you and destroy your finances and your private life. So, immediately change all your passwords and logins to prevent that from happening.

Lucky for you if you were able to find your missing phone, but if you think you have done everything and still, you are unable to locate it, then the most important thing to keep in mind in this situation is to learn from your loss. Unfortunately, you’ll not only be purchasing a replacement part for your phone; rather, you’ll be needing to purchase a brand new one. So, take care of your phone and make sure to keep your information secure enough to protect your welfare.

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