Thursday, July 4, 2013

Lost Art: Love Letter

Spilling out your heart through the old art form we call love letter has long been gone. Or should I be wrong, only but a few couples do this near extinction way of romance. These days, some may even find them melodramatic—so much for old school. They have been replaced by technologies such as the handsets we call smartphones, social networking sites or whatever means of communication done electronically. So let us remember, if not reborn, what it used to be when pen pals hit the trend and couples share joy through writing.

#1: Best for keeps.

                Yes, you could keep those sweet messages in your phones. Scroll them anywhere and anytime you want. Just seeing the name of your significant other on your inbox brings great joy in a heartbeat. And yet mishaps can happen. Those can be easily deleted and can never be retrieved. A double ouch if your phone got stolen. Sure thing you can buy a new one and fill it out with new sweet messages like a broken battery that only needs a good as new replacement battery one. But what makes love letters so special is that you could feel their every word through the stroke of the letters. You can do retrospect on how he or she gave it to you that brings a lot more joy than that of random text messages—just open up that box and you could smell the good ol’ days.
#2: Uncontainable bliss.

                If sweet text messages make you smile, give love letters a try and you might say it gives greater joy all the more. Good thing there are still greeting cards on bookstores that you could write on. Do something creative and your other half would be the happiest person alive! Love requires efforts, I say. It may not be a lot but the thought really counts.

#3: Longevity.

                While smartphones can only be as good as its longevity with perhaps just a couple of years, love letters, not surprisingly, can stand for ages. Just hide it in your safe box and it’s good to go. Love letters are flat-out timeless. Things may change between you and your loved one because that is something that is inevitable, yet memories don’t; so as letters. But how do you prevent those precious love letters from crumbling? First off, you have to keep your letters away from the damaging elements like: light, heat, high humidity, dust and air pollutants, unsafe or careless handling, bugs or pets, and disasters (fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, and the like). You could store them in the right part of your house and containers. You don’t just then preserve the sweet love letters; you also preserve the memories.

As you have reached this point, may you remember what once felt good and how memories can stand the test of time through just an ink and a piece of paper.

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