Monday, July 22, 2013

Should You Buy a New Smartphone?

You are walking aimlessly in the mall. Actually, you are searching for a new cellphone accessory that would suit your newly bought smartphone just weeks ago. But instead of finding a back case, you end up salivating for the new smartphone models available. You wonder how it was possible that you believe you just bought the most high-end and the most high-tech device available on the market, but then again, you realize that days after you bought yours, there will be new ones that are worthy to topple off your device and make it look like you need a new one yet again.
 So how do you reconcile this? Should you buy a new device, or should you let it pass this time and be contented with what you have nestled in your palms? How about you set your own personal criteria for this dilemma? Shall we?

1. If you don’t need it, don’t get it

                I can’t remember the day when smartphones became more like status symbols rather than devices that can assist us in our daily lives. In this generation, it seems that these smartphones are more of our accessories rather than our necessities. If you let this kind of mentality consume you, you will definitely have that urge to always buy the ones that will come out better than what you have. Therefore, you must analyze what your needs are and then match it with your device. If your device meets your criteria as far as your needs require, then you are good

2. Don’t look if you aren’t buying

                Just as they say, if you don’t want to get burned, then don’t play with fire. Easy, right? The thing about us human beings is that we are very much hard headed most of the time. We love getting beaten by temptation. You already know that you will just be caught up with all the new devices in the market, but you still want to take a peek. You think it wouldn’t hurt, but mind you, it will, big time, especially for impulsive buyers like me. Once your impulses take the best of you, you have no other choice but to obey. The ending? You purchase a device that punched a huge hole in your pocket that you will one day regret wishing that you just purchased one of those cheap mobile phones.

3. The latest models are not always the best models

                True, when they market all the new gadgets and devices, they will make it look as if these smartphones are not just smart, they are geniuses. But even if these smartphones possess monster specs, they are not without weaknesses. Your job is to find the loophole in every device so that you will not end up wanting it for yourself.

 At the end of the day, it will only be a battle between you and your urge to snatch the best mobile device there is. If you keep in mind your priorities and your goals, you will never be estranged from what you really want.

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