Sunday, July 28, 2013

Summer Holidays Apps

Going to beaches, swimming on pools, kayaking or canoeing, camping, fishing, having picnics, traveling, and all the outdoor activities sure spell out summer! So pack your sun cream, your bikini suit, some foods, and all that are necessary for your trip! But wait… planning a trip can be little handful. It can’t just be pack-everything-you’ll-need and then off you go. You must have a plan so you won’t get caught off guard with the impending incidents. Summer’s going to be hot, so you ought to be ready!

You think you’re all set? Think again. To enjoy this sweet, hot summer, we have collected some of the very hot apps for your smartphone! Have these apps on your phone, and you can call it the sweet, hot summer!

#1: BBC Weather

What spoils the summer? Yes, nothing but the weather. It’s good to have a heads up with the weather so you’d know if you could see Mr. Sunny up there. Without Mr. Sunny, the essence of summer will not be amusing. Miss Mr. Sunny no more with this BBC app that manages to offer all of the information you need as you speed to the fast lane to taste that summer. In this way, you’ll know when to perfectly set your trip without being bummed out by the weather. [Free on Android and iOS]

#2: Packing Pro

So, you have packed everything up, you say? Where is your phone? When we are in a haste or with so much excitement, we tend to lose focus on things around us—usually the small yet very important ones. Packing Pro, on the other hand, makes sure that the movie Home Alone would never happen again. Although it’s a nice piece, forgetting your son behind can be really worrisome. Packing Pro helps you organize your list, and it gives you an extra piece of mind. From your mobile accessories, to your luggage full of clothes, and everything in between, you can determine the packaged weight and expense of your luggage. [£1.99 - iOS]

#3: XE Currency

Summer means going out of the country? Be equipped with this XE Currency app. This app lets you know the conversion rates up to the minute. In this way, you’ll know the amount of money you are parting with in pounds sterling. Now, you’ll know how much you spend. [Free on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone]

#4: iTranslate

Still out of the country, and you’re in a place with a different language? I bet that it gets tougher and tougher as you talk to people who speak their own native language different from yours. Now, with iTranslate, you can ask directions, understand their words, and make friends with them without the hassle of looking at the great book of translation. This app supports for more than 60 languages, which means you can be relieved if you have strayed off the beaten track. Just type in your query and let the iTranslate do the rest. [Free on Android and iOS]

#5: Flickr

What is the essence of having a vacation without capturing every perfect moment with your trip? Have those awesome moments be snapped with Flickr. Why choose Flickr? That’s because the app just had a major revamp, and it is now offering up to 1TB of storage just for free. Have the images a nice touch, and enhance their quality with this awesome app. [Free on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone]

There are lots of apps still out there to enjoy summer. Be equipped with these apps, and surely, you’ll have the perfect summer moments!

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