Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Celebrated Apple iPhone 6: Is it worth the wait?

Every year, people are raving about what the Apple company has in its sleeves that will be delivered on the table of people who are hungry for technological highlights. We love all of their products, from the iPods to the Macs to their smallest accessories like iPad accessories and other USB cables. But of course, who will forget about the people’s favorite and the most celebrated Apple item, the iPhone.
But this time, we are more than excited to see what the next addition to the iPhone family will be like. In fact, we are intrigued, because we’ve seen how non-Apple smartphones have been able to kick iPhone’s butt in the last quarter. But since Apple hasn’t released or even unveiled the new iPhone yet, let’s take a peek on some of its possible specs and features that we might see in the future.
The iOS looked very promising when it was first introduced in 2007, but I think you will agree with me that right now, considering how much Android has improved in the past years, the current iOS proved to be severely out of date. The current iOS makes the iPhone look like a very boring phone. Fortunately, from what we’ve heard, we believe that Jonathan Ive is working on the iOS 7 which is expected to be more interactive and modern compared to the previous ones. We are expecting to see new icons and thumbnails, easy access navigation options, and the best of all, I think we will be seeing widgets on iOS 7.
 For the iPhone 6, a quad-core Apple A7 in an ARM Cortex A15-based core seems to be the possible follow up to the current dual-core A6 processor.
The Camera is one of the most important features of a smartphone especially now that people are getting more and more inclined with using their smartphones for taking pictures instead of using a separate camera. It seems plausible then that just like the former smartphones that came out, the iPhone 6 will also be equipped with a 13-Megapixel rear camera.
 Also, one of the most promising features of the Android phones nowadays is the easiest and the most convenient mode of data transfer there is, the NFC technology or the Near Field Communication technology. Apple will not allow it to be left out with the best technology ever, so I must say that the next iPhone will have the same feature as the NFC with a different name though.
No one really knows when the next iPhone will be released. All that we have to do right now is to wait. If you can’t buy the phone yet, maybe you can spend your time browsing your trusted online mobile stores for mobile accessories like LCD screen protectors, protective cases, mobile earphones, etc.

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