Thursday, July 11, 2013

Extreme Durability: Make Everything Waterproof

Have you experienced having your gadgets submerged underwater? Well, I did, and it drove me nuts. When I got the device out of the water, it just won’t work anymore. That’s just frustrating. I tried everything that I could to salvage my device, but my efforts had gone in vain. When I got it checked at the store, they told me that no replacement part could make it work again; I have to buy a new one. And there I was, thinking. If only my gadget was waterproof, I won’t have to deal with this great problem I’m facing right now. But, let’s just leave it at that; I had to move on.

It’s so nice to know that as of today, there are already gadgets on the market that are completely waterproof. Never will you have to worry of moisture frying the circuits of your precious device because these items on the list below shout out extreme durability against gadgets’ worst enemy—water.

1.       Olympus Tough TG-2 Camera. Capturing precious moments is one of the hobbies people have wherever they go, either at land or sea. However, when we speak of the latter venue, we just can’t be any carefree, for a splash of water towards the device might render it completely useless. Now, you don’t have to experience that ever again. With this gadget, you’re sure to have fun taking pictures even at depths of 50 feet underwater. Additionally, it features a super-fast autofocus and the brightest in-class 4x zoom lens that enables you to capture colorful shots even in murky waters.

2.       Kyocera Torque E6710 Smartphone. And here comes the most versatile device of all—the smartphone. Just imagine having your phone with you while snorkelling in the Pacific for wonderful marine wildlife. This military-grade Android phone can withstand harsh elements like dust, shock, extreme temperatures, and of course, moisture. With the functions and versatility of this device, it surely won’t be one cheap mobile phone.

3.       Sony Xperia Z Tablet. If swimming per se isn’t that fun of an activity for you, then you might want to take your tablet computer with you in the waters. But not just any tablet because—oh yeah, they’re not waterproof. Featuring the Sony Xperia Z Tablet that isn’t afraid of water, no moisture can disrupt your perfect tablet experience. Not only that this can resist droplets of water splashed on it; it can also withstand up to 30 minutes underwater and still work perfectly afterwards.

4.       Pyle Audio PSWP4 MP3 Player. Listening to music underwater? Well, that sounds a bit over-the-top. But, isn’t it great to at least experience that once in your lifetime? Just imagine this: you’re snorkelling somewhere in the seas of the Pacific, and while looking at the breath-taking underwater scenery, you’re listening to a classical music that amplifies your momentous experience. Now, how awesome is that?

Who’s afraid of water now? Certainly, it’s not these gadgets. With these in your hands, you’re ready to say goodbye to electronics being tortured with the subtle but damaging effects of water

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