Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Curious Makes Learning Fun and Easy with the Use of Your iPhone

From the wise words of Lev Vygotsky, a Russian psychologist, “Learning is more than the acquisition of the ability to think; it is the acquisition of many specialized abilities for thinking about a variety of things.” And yes, there's no sense in learning if the knowledge you gain only remains in theory; rather, it should yield to the application of what you learned.

With traditional education, we acquire a variety of concepts and know-how within the four corners of the classroom. It was believed that the presence of spatial isolation creates an atmosphere conducive for enhancing focus and attention, so to speak. But over time, it was found out that immersion to the physical entity of the subject matter at hand is the most effective. In addition, the feeling of wanting to learn as compared to having the need to learn can very much be an impetus to acquire knowledge.

It's a fact that not everything we learn from school is worth learning. Just how in the world can calculus help you with cooking a delectable pot roast, or is being familiar with the history of the Babylonian civilization going to make you better in locating a shop within the busy streets of New York City using your smartphone in a mobile car holder? Well, they just aren't that all useful and practical. So, why do we ever need to allocate a portion of our brain cells for storing those information? That's definitely beyond our control, but here's the good news; you now have a choice on what kind of knowledge and skill set you want to learn. With the help of Curious, a program that advocates lifelong learning for people of all race and creed, we can now be better than ever. And now that it has been made a mobile app that is available to the ubiquitous smartphone, learning has just become a tap of a finger away.

Curious App
The Curious app contains a broad category of educational categories, be it arts and crafts, cooking, DIY, home and garden, music, software, foreign languages, photography and filmmaking, academic, health and fitness, sports, and life skills that you can learn from. All you have to do is browse from its over 3,000 bite-sized lessons that range from 5 to 15 minutes, and you're set to make more sense of the world you live in—or simply learn how to dance the salsa. It packs a number of features to enhance your learning experience, such as providing you with supplemental information (images, files, and links), allowing you to pick up lessons where you left off thanks to the LearnSync feature, and not to mention giving its users the assurance that everything in its collection of video lessons are safe and relevant.

Surely, this innovative step from its makers will bring forth a future of skillful individuals. It's no surprise that the Curious app is named one of the 50 Best Apps in 2013 with its uncommonly inviting, unique, and “better way to learn” interface. But sadly, it's only supports iOS for now; hopefully in the near future, it can already be made available for Android users. Be that as it may, just remember, for as long as you're curious, you'll definitely learn. So, stay curious!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Watch TV on Your iPhone with These Apps

As a kid, we've probably said that TV is our life. As a couch potato patootie, from the morning shows till the late night shows—excluding the news programs, of course—we've been always seen catching up with our favorite cartoon channels as we sing along with the official soundtrack of the cartoon flick. Ah! The good ol' days…

Now that we are considered as grownups, we've come to realize that TV is no longer our life—or at least for most busy people. More often than not, we are found tiring our eyes out on our computers, not to watch but to learn, and on our books for studying. More especially if someone is dominating the TV. (ehem, *insert your family members here*!) And also, let's not drift our thoughts away from the handheld device at hand that keeps most of us busy—our smartphones (or could at times be our tablets). Whose eyes aren't glued to their smartphones?

If you've been missing how it was to catch up on your favorite shows, then know where you should glue your eyes at. And actually, you don't have to look anywhere else, because that self-luminous, rectangular gadget we call smartphone can give you what you've been looking for. There is so much that it can do; it can in fact be a TV regardless of its screen size. Yes, regardless, so long as it has the right apps. Do you have your iPhones with you? Connect it to the cloud giving nothing away, and let's spin with the apps below that can make our day!


If you've been itching to watch something, wouldn't you go directly on your TV? I would! And so, if you are digging for an ultimate video experience, then DIRECTV App for your iPhone is your way to go. With this app, you can stream live TV anywhere in your home using your trusty iPhone. Just like a TV should be, it has available channels so you get to switch and choose a show to your liking. Now, if you want to record your favorite shows, just set the DVR and you're good to go. But, what if you're not good on catching your favorite flicks? Fret no more because DIRECTV can actually let you find whatever you want to watch on your iPhone—not to mention with a voice command. Who wouldn't get this app that is absolutely free?

#2: U-Verse App

Watching the TV is like watching the universe. It may have been just a portion of it, but at least you know what has been happening on remote places. The point is that you know what's been hitting the headlines. And so, to keep you updated, why don't you load your iPhone with the U-Verse App? And again, it does what a TV does, only on a smaller screen, and you can also watch live TV and on demand shows. Moreover, this app lets you download the flick you have been streaming in order for you to resume your marathon anytime, anywhere. It's absolutely perfect for people who have on-the-go persona. This app also costs nothing, so get your iPhones all set for this app!

#3: Netflix

I don't want to watch myself being hit by tomatoes thrown by the mob, so here goes the app that most of you might have been using already: the Netflix. Same as the first two, with this app, you'll be able to stream your favorite TV episodes and movies in just a few taps. It's actually the world's leading subscription service for watching movies on your handheld devices. It’s one of the best, inarguably, but here's the catch: it only has one-month free trial for you to enjoy, and you must be a Netflix member in order to take pleasure with what this app can offer. It's not just your ordinary TV, I say. It lets you search for your preferred movie and watch it right off the bat. This app also offers unlimited TV shows, so you won't get bored on looking for an interesting show. What are you waiting for? Be a Netflix member and start downloading this app for free.

See? There's not so much need of mobile phone accessories to make the most out of your phone. Gotta love the apps, and have fun streaming!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Here is Yet Another Smartphone with a Fingerprint Sensor

The fingerprint scanning technology is slowly gaining popularity and receiving impressive commendations within the tech sphere. It has revolutionized how a user can access his handheld device without the use of passcodes or linear pattern combinations. Furthermore, this technology is deemed to have brought forth a solution to the unyielding contention of mobile consumers against hacking activities and identity thefts. And so, this is what led other smartphone manufacturers to look into this innovation and apply it on their own devices.

One of the first companies to emulate the Touch ID feature of Apple's iPhone 5s is HTC. In fact, the smartphone of this Taiwanese tech giant in the name of HTC One Max that sports the same technology was announced only a month after the launch of Apple's flagship phone. Therefore, it's so much possible that HTC has been eyeing on the said technology even before the word was out that the iPhone 5s will be integrated with the Touch ID. Be that as it may, considering the nature of technology and the dynamic smartphone market, whoever releases it first gets the credit. And in this case, Apple gets it.

Although the One Max has a fingerprint sensor on its own like the iPhone 5s, the placement of the contraption is at the dorsal part of the phone below the camera lens. Since this particular handset is classified as a phablet, with a display measuring 5.9 inches, its makers see the fingerprint sensor as more of a convenience feature than a security one. Instead of using your thumb or index finger to access the phone, you may use your other fingers to simply unlock or open apps in an instant. Each of your three registered fingerprints will be programmed for a specific purpose.

Aside from the fingerprint sensor, let's talk about the technical specs of the HTC One Max. The humungous smartphone is powered by a 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor with 2GB of RAM. It runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OS. Also, it is integrated with an UltraPixel rear camera and a 2.1-megapixel front camera. You will be able to choose between 16GB or 32GB internal memory, though that won't really be an issue because the One Max supports a memory card to expand its memory capacity.

The HTC One Max is not yet available in the U.S. market, unlike its siblings, the flagship HTC One and their smaller brother, the HTC One Mini. The One Max is said to be out in the U.S. in time for the holidays. And as of its price, it has never been announced yet, though it will likely be comparable to the $300 Galaxy Note 3 and the Motorola Droid Maxx. Anyway, if you aren't much of a fan of giant smartphones, you can always have the One or the One Mini. The bad thing is, they aren't equipped with the fingerprint sensor unlike their big brother. Also you might want to consider getting a cool back case protection for this giant beauty.

Monday, January 13, 2014

The Kurio Smartphone is the Start for Rearing Techie Kids One Step at a Time

Technology is a way of life. It is the continuous improvement, modification, and progression that ultimately lead to its application to solve a problem or improve a pre-existing solution. As we move ahead into the future, we gradually assimilate technology into our lives; thus, we advance to become a more improved specie.

In this digital age, we are surrounded by a plethora of technological advancements that come in both tangible and intangible means. And because technology is vast in nature, it gets to affect us in one way or another, whether we like it or not. Given this, we can let it take us to where it’s headed, or we can illogically quarantine ourselves from it and live in total ignorance and barbarism. This is not just an isolated case that affects a certain age group; it affects absolutely everybody, even our kids. So, might as well lead them on how to embrace technology safely and wisely.

There will come a day when you’ll come across one of the hardest questions to answer from your child, and it’s, “When can I have a mobile phone?” Yes, we understand that we all have to face this sooner or later, but is giving in to their demands really appropriate? If you tend to be too liberal, your child might find a way into wrongful use of technology, but if you restrict him from what he desires, a number of consequences await as well.

Don’t stress yourself getting away from that sticky situation, for Kurio has a solution for you in the form of a cool smartphone. The company’s objective is to “incorporate new technologies with learning and the development of childhood comprehension.” And this is what motivated them to release the innovative and successful Kurio product range.

According to Pieter van den Bosch, strategic director of the KD Group, “Kids want cell phones, but with access to this technology comes great responsibility. Kurio Phone includes additional parental controls to address safety concerns that come along with giving a child a mobile device, but they also promote the child’s independence and help foster an open parent-child dialogue.” He adds, “In fact, on the smartphone, the child will be able to monitor his or her own phone usage and see the parameters that mom and dad have set.”

The handset, which is known as the Kurio Touch 4s, is the safest smartphone for kids. It integrates a comprehensive array of robust parental controls and a built-in modified platform geared for learning. It allows you to customize the quality and quantity of their engagement to their very own phone. You can be able to control the number of minutes your child can use his device and block his access to non-kid friendly sites. In addition, its GPS can inform you of your child’s location every 15, 30, or 60 minutes; plus, a geofence feature can be activated to let you know if your child enters a certain restricted area.

The Kurio Phone is built with standard hardware specs. It runs in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, powered by a fast multi-core processor and 1GB RAM, and has 8GB integrated memory that can be expanded up to 40GB with a Micro SD Card. It is 3G, Bluetooth, GPS, FM, and Wi-FI ready. It has a 2-megapixel rear and 0.3-megapixel front-facing camera. All those decent specs are put together in one compact device that boasts a 4-inch display. As of now, its price hasn’t yet been announced, but it’s expected to cost below $200, unlocked.

The Kurio Touch 4s is truly the ultimate Android handheld device for kids. Support your kid’s passage to independence, and help cultivate a relationship based on trust and confidence with the Kurio Smartphone.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Apps You Shouldn’t Miss for Your Smartphones and Tablets [Android]

Over the years, we find the gadgets that could cater to our needs. And after that, we eventually find the apps that could help us get through with our day-to-day activities. We may change our handsets for whatever reason—at best, for an upgrade; at worse, getting broken or pilfered—but there's one thing that almost always remains: the apps that we can't live without.

Notice that whatever happens, the apps you installed on your previous trusty smartphones and tablets are still loaded to the new ones even if some of them drains your battery that rendered you having your reliable portable charger. That's because you find them essential that no matter what, you're going to free up some space just to have them installed once and for all. Did you now have your own list? Now, I'd be glad to share mine in order for you to try them. See the list of apps you shouldn't live without below:

#1: Kii Keyboard

We all know that typing on our gadgets' screen—especially on tablets—is not an easy thing. We have to get used to tapping the right keys, or else we'll abuse the backspace ceaselessly. Flat out; it's a bummer, especially if we are used to typing with our thumbs. Do you somehow envy the iPad Air's splitting keyboard? Good thing there's a key for Android tablets to make all typing on keyboard easy-peasy. The Kii Keyboard app can actually split your tablets virtual keyboard in two. It has the same features of a normal Android keyboard like Swype and prediction, and you can also dress your keyboard with themes to your liking as it supports Go Keyboard. [Free on Android]

#2: Google Drive

Yes, Android phones are being loved because their tendency to expand through their microSD slot, but let's face it. Sharing would be a lot easier if we could just access it from the cloud. We can use our phones and tablets as a flash drive as we connect a USB data cable for sharing, but sharing wirelessly is inarguably better. Not to mention I remember one time when I have to almost tear our house apart looking for a cable. And so, let's make use of Google's another brainchild: the Google Drive. Not only you can store your files on the cloud, but you can also access them anytime, anywhere. Do you want to access a file later but you won't be able to connect to the cloud? Well, you can actually make a file available offline so you can view it. And that's not all. You can also edit the file right off the bat with collaborators. Fill in the free 15 GB space if you can! [Free on Android]

#3: Tablified Market – Tablet Apps

Having a tablet is great. The wider the screen, the more convenience it brings. But if you can't get a good app worthy of the screen, then what good is it now? That is why you're going to need Tablified Market app installed on your tablet. This app narrows down and organizes the list of apps compatible to your device so you won't have to wonder if it fits your tablet or not. [Free on Android]

So, aren't these apps worthy to be included on your apps-shouldn't-live-without list? Download them now on your smartphones and tablets and start tapping away!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mobile Phone Accessories: an Absolutely Growing Industry

Mobile phones have not just come to be an indispensable part of our day-to-day life; they have also come to be an essential gizmo in making our life a little easier to live—same is true with tablets. Mobiles have actually influenced people throughout the globe, and they remain doing this each and every day. There are thousands of dollars being spent in order to make mobile phones more user-friendly and packed with extra features that allow us to get access to information from any location, whenever. Together with the development of different software programs for mobile phones, there are a lot of hardware that are being continuously developed in order to allow people to make use of mobile phones based on their tastes. Right here are some intriguing methods on how you could make a small ton of money by marketing various cell phone accessories.

The first and foremost is offering accessories that are in demand. If you consider offering mobile phone accessories, you have to keep yourself well educated concerning the most recent handsets due for release. Having a concept on which phones are going to be released  will aid you to achieve a guarantee that you constantly have the most up-to-date accessories that are making the headlines in today's market. Individuals are constantly searching for brand-new accessories that allow them to utilize their mobiles the way they desire to, so you should keep yourself regularly updated regarding numerous items and launch dates of these products.

Recent data reveal that the smartphone accessories market is growing larger every day. Actually, it has expanded much more than the smartphone market in itself. The basic trend worldwide is that a lot of people purchase a cell phone, and they utilize it for 1-3 years before they change or upgrade it. Hence, the smartphone market is expanding at an arithmetic fee as opposed to a rapid fee. Nonetheless, the mobile accessories sector is expanding at an exponential rate due to the fact that these accessories are quite low-cost, and a lot of people get several accessories every year for their phones.

One reason why accessories are so affordable is due to the fact that they are mainly made in China. Hence, for just a couple of bucks, you could discover an assortment of accessories varying from phone covers to Bluetooth devices. In this manner, a lot of people could purchase brand-new phone covers, Bluetooth headsets, new battery chargers, new batteries, new stereo headsets, and so on. So, despite the fact that the customer doesn't change the phone, the customer is able to utilize various accessories with their phones. One of the popular companies with the phone accessories industry is Ecell Accessorizeproviding quality and various unique designs of mobile phone back cases, chargers, replacement parts, and the list goes on.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Speaking of Awesome Speakers

Are you a certified audiophile? Hey! Are you? Do you hear me? Hey, why don’t y—I don’t need to ask that, do I? Because the fact that you don’t hear me suffices to say that you are so engrossed with music. It’s even evident with your bobbing head and thumping fingers.

Even if you just have your smartphones with you, just pair it up with a pair of hi-fi mobile earphones, and you are ready to rock and forget the world. But if you don’t want to rock the party alone, and if you want to share it with your rocking close circle, then having a good speaker  would definitely cross your mind… Do you have one in mind already? No? Then run on the list so you can decide which one to buy! And let the music enthusiast within you live!

#1: Damson Jet

At first look, they just look like coke in cans. But with the Hi-Fi sound system the Damson Jet offers, and as it claims: “world’s first wireless real stereo speakers”, you’ll definitely sip from it to the last drop! With a size of 75 x 58mm, you can’t just belittle it with its capabilities of being a loudspeaker. Just move it around to change how the bass sounds. And did I say that it is wireless? It streams through Bluetooth and can even stream through the NFC tech. How cool is that? In this way, you can even associate your smartphones with it. Unfortunately, you have to take iPhone out of the list. [£149.99]

#2: Sonos Play:1

If you want to experience an awesome audio action, then you could also choose Sonos Play:1 as it has a reputation for multi room audio magic. How does audio magic happen, you ask? Well, it lets you stream tracks over your network through either the Sonos Android or iOS app. What marvel it is indeed! It works even with spotify so you can spin playlists from your Windows Media or iTunes libraries with no hassle at all. And I can’t stress this enough; all people who are certified audiophiles will definitely going to dig this! [£169]

#3: Pure Jongo S3

And if you are looking for a speaker that is neatly designed, Pure Jongo 3 will give you the purest definition of a well designed tech. For such a small and affordable speaker, it can offer a multi room audio experience and the benefit of being a completely portable gadget. Need I stress that this nifty piece is a Hi-Fi one? But, here’s the catch: Multi room is only available through Pure Connect app. And, if I may add, you may find tracks with a bit poor quality—would you find it forgiving? [£169]

Did these hot tech gadgets suffice your tastes? Huh? Did it? Hello? Oh, not again. Well I hope these suggestions helped you on your search for a speaker to rock the party!