Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Watch TV on Your iPhone with These Apps

As a kid, we've probably said that TV is our life. As a couch potato patootie, from the morning shows till the late night shows—excluding the news programs, of course—we've been always seen catching up with our favorite cartoon channels as we sing along with the official soundtrack of the cartoon flick. Ah! The good ol' days…

Now that we are considered as grownups, we've come to realize that TV is no longer our life—or at least for most busy people. More often than not, we are found tiring our eyes out on our computers, not to watch but to learn, and on our books for studying. More especially if someone is dominating the TV. (ehem, *insert your family members here*!) And also, let's not drift our thoughts away from the handheld device at hand that keeps most of us busy—our smartphones (or could at times be our tablets). Whose eyes aren't glued to their smartphones?

If you've been missing how it was to catch up on your favorite shows, then know where you should glue your eyes at. And actually, you don't have to look anywhere else, because that self-luminous, rectangular gadget we call smartphone can give you what you've been looking for. There is so much that it can do; it can in fact be a TV regardless of its screen size. Yes, regardless, so long as it has the right apps. Do you have your iPhones with you? Connect it to the cloud giving nothing away, and let's spin with the apps below that can make our day!


If you've been itching to watch something, wouldn't you go directly on your TV? I would! And so, if you are digging for an ultimate video experience, then DIRECTV App for your iPhone is your way to go. With this app, you can stream live TV anywhere in your home using your trusty iPhone. Just like a TV should be, it has available channels so you get to switch and choose a show to your liking. Now, if you want to record your favorite shows, just set the DVR and you're good to go. But, what if you're not good on catching your favorite flicks? Fret no more because DIRECTV can actually let you find whatever you want to watch on your iPhone—not to mention with a voice command. Who wouldn't get this app that is absolutely free?

#2: U-Verse App

Watching the TV is like watching the universe. It may have been just a portion of it, but at least you know what has been happening on remote places. The point is that you know what's been hitting the headlines. And so, to keep you updated, why don't you load your iPhone with the U-Verse App? And again, it does what a TV does, only on a smaller screen, and you can also watch live TV and on demand shows. Moreover, this app lets you download the flick you have been streaming in order for you to resume your marathon anytime, anywhere. It's absolutely perfect for people who have on-the-go persona. This app also costs nothing, so get your iPhones all set for this app!

#3: Netflix

I don't want to watch myself being hit by tomatoes thrown by the mob, so here goes the app that most of you might have been using already: the Netflix. Same as the first two, with this app, you'll be able to stream your favorite TV episodes and movies in just a few taps. It's actually the world's leading subscription service for watching movies on your handheld devices. It’s one of the best, inarguably, but here's the catch: it only has one-month free trial for you to enjoy, and you must be a Netflix member in order to take pleasure with what this app can offer. It's not just your ordinary TV, I say. It lets you search for your preferred movie and watch it right off the bat. This app also offers unlimited TV shows, so you won't get bored on looking for an interesting show. What are you waiting for? Be a Netflix member and start downloading this app for free.

See? There's not so much need of mobile phone accessories to make the most out of your phone. Gotta love the apps, and have fun streaming!

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