Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Curious Makes Learning Fun and Easy with the Use of Your iPhone

From the wise words of Lev Vygotsky, a Russian psychologist, “Learning is more than the acquisition of the ability to think; it is the acquisition of many specialized abilities for thinking about a variety of things.” And yes, there's no sense in learning if the knowledge you gain only remains in theory; rather, it should yield to the application of what you learned.

With traditional education, we acquire a variety of concepts and know-how within the four corners of the classroom. It was believed that the presence of spatial isolation creates an atmosphere conducive for enhancing focus and attention, so to speak. But over time, it was found out that immersion to the physical entity of the subject matter at hand is the most effective. In addition, the feeling of wanting to learn as compared to having the need to learn can very much be an impetus to acquire knowledge.

It's a fact that not everything we learn from school is worth learning. Just how in the world can calculus help you with cooking a delectable pot roast, or is being familiar with the history of the Babylonian civilization going to make you better in locating a shop within the busy streets of New York City using your smartphone in a mobile car holder? Well, they just aren't that all useful and practical. So, why do we ever need to allocate a portion of our brain cells for storing those information? That's definitely beyond our control, but here's the good news; you now have a choice on what kind of knowledge and skill set you want to learn. With the help of Curious, a program that advocates lifelong learning for people of all race and creed, we can now be better than ever. And now that it has been made a mobile app that is available to the ubiquitous smartphone, learning has just become a tap of a finger away.

Curious App
The Curious app contains a broad category of educational categories, be it arts and crafts, cooking, DIY, home and garden, music, software, foreign languages, photography and filmmaking, academic, health and fitness, sports, and life skills that you can learn from. All you have to do is browse from its over 3,000 bite-sized lessons that range from 5 to 15 minutes, and you're set to make more sense of the world you live in—or simply learn how to dance the salsa. It packs a number of features to enhance your learning experience, such as providing you with supplemental information (images, files, and links), allowing you to pick up lessons where you left off thanks to the LearnSync feature, and not to mention giving its users the assurance that everything in its collection of video lessons are safe and relevant.

Surely, this innovative step from its makers will bring forth a future of skillful individuals. It's no surprise that the Curious app is named one of the 50 Best Apps in 2013 with its uncommonly inviting, unique, and “better way to learn” interface. But sadly, it's only supports iOS for now; hopefully in the near future, it can already be made available for Android users. Be that as it may, just remember, for as long as you're curious, you'll definitely learn. So, stay curious!

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