Thursday, January 9, 2014

Apps You Shouldn’t Miss for Your Smartphones and Tablets [Android]

Over the years, we find the gadgets that could cater to our needs. And after that, we eventually find the apps that could help us get through with our day-to-day activities. We may change our handsets for whatever reason—at best, for an upgrade; at worse, getting broken or pilfered—but there's one thing that almost always remains: the apps that we can't live without.

Notice that whatever happens, the apps you installed on your previous trusty smartphones and tablets are still loaded to the new ones even if some of them drains your battery that rendered you having your reliable portable charger. That's because you find them essential that no matter what, you're going to free up some space just to have them installed once and for all. Did you now have your own list? Now, I'd be glad to share mine in order for you to try them. See the list of apps you shouldn't live without below:

#1: Kii Keyboard

We all know that typing on our gadgets' screen—especially on tablets—is not an easy thing. We have to get used to tapping the right keys, or else we'll abuse the backspace ceaselessly. Flat out; it's a bummer, especially if we are used to typing with our thumbs. Do you somehow envy the iPad Air's splitting keyboard? Good thing there's a key for Android tablets to make all typing on keyboard easy-peasy. The Kii Keyboard app can actually split your tablets virtual keyboard in two. It has the same features of a normal Android keyboard like Swype and prediction, and you can also dress your keyboard with themes to your liking as it supports Go Keyboard. [Free on Android]

#2: Google Drive

Yes, Android phones are being loved because their tendency to expand through their microSD slot, but let's face it. Sharing would be a lot easier if we could just access it from the cloud. We can use our phones and tablets as a flash drive as we connect a USB data cable for sharing, but sharing wirelessly is inarguably better. Not to mention I remember one time when I have to almost tear our house apart looking for a cable. And so, let's make use of Google's another brainchild: the Google Drive. Not only you can store your files on the cloud, but you can also access them anytime, anywhere. Do you want to access a file later but you won't be able to connect to the cloud? Well, you can actually make a file available offline so you can view it. And that's not all. You can also edit the file right off the bat with collaborators. Fill in the free 15 GB space if you can! [Free on Android]

#3: Tablified Market – Tablet Apps

Having a tablet is great. The wider the screen, the more convenience it brings. But if you can't get a good app worthy of the screen, then what good is it now? That is why you're going to need Tablified Market app installed on your tablet. This app narrows down and organizes the list of apps compatible to your device so you won't have to wonder if it fits your tablet or not. [Free on Android]

So, aren't these apps worthy to be included on your apps-shouldn't-live-without list? Download them now on your smartphones and tablets and start tapping away!

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