Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Speaking of Awesome Speakers

Are you a certified audiophile? Hey! Are you? Do you hear me? Hey, why don’t y—I don’t need to ask that, do I? Because the fact that you don’t hear me suffices to say that you are so engrossed with music. It’s even evident with your bobbing head and thumping fingers.

Even if you just have your smartphones with you, just pair it up with a pair of hi-fi mobile earphones, and you are ready to rock and forget the world. But if you don’t want to rock the party alone, and if you want to share it with your rocking close circle, then having a good speaker  would definitely cross your mind… Do you have one in mind already? No? Then run on the list so you can decide which one to buy! And let the music enthusiast within you live!

#1: Damson Jet

At first look, they just look like coke in cans. But with the Hi-Fi sound system the Damson Jet offers, and as it claims: “world’s first wireless real stereo speakers”, you’ll definitely sip from it to the last drop! With a size of 75 x 58mm, you can’t just belittle it with its capabilities of being a loudspeaker. Just move it around to change how the bass sounds. And did I say that it is wireless? It streams through Bluetooth and can even stream through the NFC tech. How cool is that? In this way, you can even associate your smartphones with it. Unfortunately, you have to take iPhone out of the list. [£149.99]

#2: Sonos Play:1

If you want to experience an awesome audio action, then you could also choose Sonos Play:1 as it has a reputation for multi room audio magic. How does audio magic happen, you ask? Well, it lets you stream tracks over your network through either the Sonos Android or iOS app. What marvel it is indeed! It works even with spotify so you can spin playlists from your Windows Media or iTunes libraries with no hassle at all. And I can’t stress this enough; all people who are certified audiophiles will definitely going to dig this! [£169]

#3: Pure Jongo S3

And if you are looking for a speaker that is neatly designed, Pure Jongo 3 will give you the purest definition of a well designed tech. For such a small and affordable speaker, it can offer a multi room audio experience and the benefit of being a completely portable gadget. Need I stress that this nifty piece is a Hi-Fi one? But, here’s the catch: Multi room is only available through Pure Connect app. And, if I may add, you may find tracks with a bit poor quality—would you find it forgiving? [£169]

Did these hot tech gadgets suffice your tastes? Huh? Did it? Hello? Oh, not again. Well I hope these suggestions helped you on your search for a speaker to rock the party!

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