Monday, December 9, 2013

Do You Need to Have Password Manager Apps? [Android]

A lot of people actually think that they don’t need to have password manager apps. Like, what’s it really for? As they justify, they keep their passwords to themselves, and their accounts’ credentials are fairly between them and their computers or gadgets alone. Some may even say that they don’t have to have one because they only use one password for all. Why would you waste a space to manage them anyway? Point taken, but actually, you do need to have password manager apps. How so? If you could just scout on your Chrome’s settings, then you might be surprised that anyone who uses your computer can actually get all your credentials in a jiffy. Just key in “chrome://settings/passwords” and say hello hackers.

A protective back case cover can protect your phone from all the back scuffs, sudden bumps, and blows. What protects all the information hidden within your phone? Have you decided to get a password manager app? Choose from the list below:

1. PasswdSafe App

This app, as what its name implies, sees to it that your passwords are safe by storing each of it on a single password database that is called “safe”. But if you are managing multiple accounts—separating personal life from work—creating multiple databases would be ideal. All of your accounts’ credentials would then be banked in the safe, and then you will be required to provide a master password to encrypt and lock all your accounts’ passwords all at once—excluding your master password from the database, of course. And since we've been talking about databases, you would then be required to fill-in every input field in order to keep your credentials stored and safe. [Free on Android]

2. Password Genie App 

Now, if you are looking for more than just a safe for your password, your wish is Password Genie app’s command. It can actually serve as an electronic wallet—saving almost everything on your smartphone conveniently as you can store logins, passwords, insurance info, credit card numbers, and the list goes on. And like that of PasswdSafe App, you can access all the stored values on Password Genie App in just a few taps. Since we aren't stuck in one device when we access our accounts, syncing all the data with all your gadgets was made pretty easy with this app. You can download this app for free, but apparently it’s only available for a 30-day free trial. You can purchase this app by paying $5.99 per year if you wish to continue after the trial has ended. I guess it’s not bad at all to keep your accounts secured and safe. [Free on Android (on 30-day free trial)]

3. LastPass App 

Let’s give it up for the last one (but not the least) on the list: LastPass App. As we all know, a lot of our social accounts now require a strong password—as much as possible, passwords shouldn't be words from dictionaries. Neither should you name them on people close to you like your son or daughter. More often than not, passwords are required to have a capital letter, a number, and a special character in order to create a password that would probably be free from hacks. So, can you keep all of them in mind especially if you have multiple accounts? Let the LastPass app organize them for you. This app is available for free yet it has a broad base of password-management features. To access the app fully, you can actually upgrade to the premium version. Its key features include a built-in browser that automatically fills your login information on your saved LastPass sites, secure password generator, and the ability to attach images and audio recordings to Secure Notes. Sadly, it only has 14-day free trial. But the good thing is that you just have to pay $1 per month. [Free on Android (on 14-day free trial)]

Are you now compelled to get one? Might as well try one of the apps from the list!

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