Thursday, May 22, 2014

Is Apple iPhone 6 worth the wait?

Apple iPhone 6 Concept
 Choosing the right smartphone is not as easy as choosing an outfit of the day. It requires a lot of consideration and compromise because nowadays, smartphones are not just mobile devices, they are personal assistants, they are best friends, they are even lifelong partners for some. Thus, when getting a new smartphone, it is not advisable to follow your impulse. Now hold your horses people, just because a new phone was released and it’s your favourite colour doesn't mean you have to buy it immediately, compatibility and chemistry is key.

But the question that looms and is left hanging in the background at present is whether or not to wait for the new iPhone 6, or just settle with the available top notch smartphones from the other tech giants like Sony, Samsung, HTC, etc. In the hunt for a new mobile device? Let’s have a look at the points we should consider if indeed iPhone 6 is worth the wait.

1.    Design
We all know that the most celebrated iPhone is no inferior when it comes to this department, in fact Apple devices are considered to dominate all other devices because of their sophisticated design. Their robust body and sleek minimalist build make these devices a step higher from the rest. For people who would not compromise design in choosing for a new smartphone, then it may interest you that the iPhone 6 is rumoured to be the thinnest smartphone ever when it gets released.

2.    Screen Size
With the current trend of mobile devices getting released in the market nowadays, screen size is one of the essentials, and unfortunately it is the one thing that Apple devices gets left behind. In comparison with the other big players of the tech world releasing 5-inch to as big as 6-inch screen displays, Apple was stuck with 4 inches. You may be very happy to know that Apple finally decided to up its game by participating in the frenzy of having bigger screen displays. Rumour has it that the iPhone 6 will be released with two variants, one with a 4.7-inch display and another with a 5.5-inch display.

3.    Operating System
The operating system is the heart and soul of a mobile device. If you currently love your iOS 7, wait till you come face to face with iOS 8 which, according to rumours, is set to be released readily installed in the upcoming Apple iPhone 6.

If Apple follows tradition, we may get our hands on that most coveted smartphone of the year this coming September. You think you can handle to wait three months for it?

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