Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Stay connected, stay in love with Couple App

If you’re looking for a private and intimate way to stay connected with your special someone, then here’s the perfect app for you. Available in iOS and Android platforms, Couple app has more than 2 million downloads. It’s free, it’s private, and it’s fun! It is indeed the best way to share your thoughts and stay in-touch with your better half.

Cross-platform and completely Free
There’s nothing to lose but a lot to gain with Couple. You can download it in your iOS or Android device for free and enjoy the best private messaging experience. After downloading, it will ask for your partner’s email address so when he/she registers, it will be automatically redirected to you.


Your moments kept safe
Whenever you share photos and videos, these treasured moments will be neatly organized in one place. It will also take note of all important dates—i.e. anniversary date and couples’ birthdays, making sure you’ll never forget to drop by the mall to buy him/her something. Speaking of gifts, Sneaker apps are also trending nowadays which can help you pick matching sneakers for you two—now that’s effort.

Stay away intruders!
Your private messages, photos and videos will stay private with Couple’s passcode feature. Get peace of mind even if you forgot your phone at home or at your desk while in a meeting. The app will prompt a notification requiring your 4-character password when you click the icon after minimizing it. Rest assured your partner’s sweet woos will be for your eyes only.

Thumbkiss ™
This feature may not replace the actual kiss but—heck! it’s better than nothing. It works by inviting your special someone to Thumbkiss ™ then when both of you are live, just touch the same spot on your screens then your phones will simultaneously vibrate. What a romantic gesture made possible by Couple.

There are times when moments are best described through a personal sketch. Get your girlfriend all giggly and blushing by drawing her cute and colourful flowers or send your boyfriend a finger-drawn smiley to cheer him up for the day. Personal touches are best appreciated.

Real time messaging
See your partner’s activity or location real-time with Couple. Whether your special someone minimized the app or is online, whether he/she is taking photos or typing, at home or at your favourite restaurant—all these you’ll know at a glance.

Secret photos
One of the fun features of Couple. This lets you customise your photos by locking or unlocking them. Other options include viewing the photo just once or adding a fixed time before it disappears. A really fun way to send embarrassing photos to your special someone!

Couple app and couple case
To add more romance to your relationship, why not buy a cool protective case for his/her smartphone? There are really trendy couple cases which are sold online today especially the ones sold by E_cell. And if you want to get extreme, there’s this really unique case called Dokkiri Hand Case featuring a severed hand design you can hold while calling or texting.

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