Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Is Your Selfie Worth Posting?

To start with, I know we all have our own freedom. We do most of the things with art to have its meaning. And as we all know, art doesn’t just stop there. Art is being established if we evoke questions to people who see the art. The viewers are the critics. They may find it pretty or pretty odd, but I guess the trite “Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” should be “Beauty lies in the hand of who created it.” After all, why would you even make something that does no good at all?

And as we have freedom, we also have limitations. In this digital age, it’s no longer news for one to be inclined in social networking sites. Some even have multiple social accounts that they maintain each and every day—talk about addictiveness. To keep it alive, they post almost anything interesting that happens or could happen to them. And these are life events that could be expressed via pictures, videos, or statuses. But now, let the photos be the topic.

Most of us—if not all—are relying more on their smartphones rather than real cameras for snagging out photos since they are outright handy. Plus, a lot of people today are now carrying phones that come with a whopping number of megapixels that can be associated with apps to perfect the snapshot. Who wouldn’t use them? It’s handy and now even better. They even call their selves a “Phoneographer”, and maybe you don’t even know that you belong in that circle as well. They might not be a professional one, but with the help of the right tools, they can have one of the priceless photos that are worth keeping on a frame and the memory lane—and yes, worth posting on their social sites. But the question is: is your selfie worth posting?

Check out these few tips for great selfies:

#1: Don’t Choose a Background with a Bad Lighting

Bad Lighting
Seriously, could you even see yourself in the picture? Where is the subject, is it the dark background or… is that you in… somewhere there? We take picture so we have something to look after; not to spend time thinking of who was in the picture or is it just a silhouette of, at worse, a ghost. Remember, lighting can make or break a picture. It’s better to avoid using the LED flash of your camera phone and just use soft lighting. Or sometimes, people snag a selfie with a light source behind them. Find a better lighting if you don’t want to appear washed out by your background.

#2: Hasn’t Anyone Shot the Duckface?

Duck FaceIn blogosphere, this is one of the things netizens despise. Stop pulling out a Duckface or they’ll definitely shoot you with bashing. Haters gonna hate? Yeah, they’ll hate you forever. For some reasons, this pouty mouth craze seems to never get old. A lot of people are looking forward to its forgetfulness, though. Why not just snag a selfie with a decent smile and show your pearls to brighten up one’s day?

#3: The Bathroom-slash-Photobooth

And thank you for that non-duckface smile. We really appreciate it. Nice lighting as well, by the way. We could clearly see the one peeing behind you. Once and for all, cut out the bathroom photobooths. Don’t make the world your whole photobooth either. Not to say that you shouldn’t take a picture at all, but it definitely won’t hurt to find a nice place where you could take a shot of your selfie—before anyone shoots you. Or you could at least edit and crop the background. Just do with it what you will, provided that you have considered every detail of the background.

There exists a word photo-holic—and that I can’t deny. But before you connect your USB data cable to your phone and start uploading, check each photo first so you won’t be embarrassed in the long run. And I’m sure you can garner more likes than hates with that. Have a happy selfie!

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