Thursday, November 7, 2013

Kit Yourself Out on a Budget with these Smartphone Apps

Have you experienced a situation where in you almost popped your eyes out because of the list of expenses blaring because of your phone bill? And I just hope you were not shaking as you pull yourself together just to have each penny paid.

But in this digital life, it is but important for one person to utilize their personal smartphones in order to accomplish day-to-day tasks. As we all know—and perhaps we all claim—smartphones have become one of our necessities. Who wouldn’t consider these nifty gadgets as needs? Talk about what they can do; they do not just serve as means of being socially connected, we can even use them to replace household items if we associate them with the right tools.

Now, going back to cell phone bills, if you are finding ways to cut down your smartphone expenses, then you came to the right place. Here are some messaging apps that could help you kit yourself out on a budget to prevent the eye-widening, heart-shattering cell phone bills:

#1: Google Hangouts

If you think that Google Hangouts would only be available to Android phones, then think again. Google Hangouts is also available to that of iOS devices, too. If you have your Gmail account already with you, then you can now “abuse” all the features it offers such as chatting, audio and video calling at no cost at all with its application, Google Hangouts. If you don’t have one yet; make one. Here in this app, you can have a one-on-one chat or have a group chat with your close circle with a maximum of ten people at a time.

#2: WhatsApp


If you are somewhat a person who has a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and are always itching to know what’s up with your friends, then you can get in touch with them by asking “what’s up?” with the use of WhatsApp! Unlike Twitter, you don’t have to mention your friend just to initiate a conversation. Just kick off a chat with them directly through the app and get those fingers busy. You can even use it as your default text messaging app in case you are miffed with the idea of switching from a messaging app to another.

#3: Skype

Who else haven’t heard of Skype? It has been crazed about since it first rolled in the online world. Webcam application for video chatting was well used that time. That’s why people couldn’t get enough of it now that it already rolls as a mobile app to their handheld devices. As what a Skype can do on desktops, it allows us to chat, make an audio and video call, and send files all for free so long as we are connected to Wi-Fi.

#4: Hike

Another app that could slash your phone costs is Hike. Don’t worry; I assure you that there won’t be a price hike. Hah! Now, like what the previous apps offer, you can chat and call your circle of friends with this neat app all for free. And if your friend couldn’t connect to the internet or is offline, you can message your friend as a free SMS so they could still get in touched with you.

Well, I guess you won’t need much your iPhone wallet or any phone wallet with these apps after all. Hah! Now, you could just chat with all your heart’s content without having mini-heart attacks with your bills. Happy chatting!

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