Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Tips to Unfreeze Your Frozen Phone

Your Android or iOS phone is just like a computer. Evidently, given the fact that it runs with an operating system; only as mobile version one. Mobile phones run like a computer now since you can pretty much do things with it that you normally do with your desktop or laptop.

On a lighter note, have you experienced while you are using your desktop, it crashes because a lot of software applications are being used simultaneously? What do you do then, force shutdown? And since smartphones are like computers, these nifty handsets are not exempted from the wrath of screen crashes. I bet you have already experienced that. If your phone crashes more often than not, then might as well try these tips to unfreeze your phone’s screen:

Unfreezing a Stuck Android Phone

Force an app to stop:

If the app you are using hung up, then you need to force-close the app. To do so, go to the Settings, and then tap “Applications.” From there, toggle the “Managing Applications” then swipe the “Running” tab. Once you’re there, look for the app you intend to close, and then force-close the app by tapping “Stop.”
Restart your phone:

If you just can’t stop swiping your phone’s LCD screen protector rendering its screen frozen, then try restarting your phone by holding down the sleep/power button for a few seconds till it asks for confirmation if you want to turn your phone off. Have you turned it off? Now, turn it on once more, and I bet it will run back to normal again.

Force your phone to restart:

What’s the difference with restarting your phone and a force-restart? Well, you don’t have to wait for confirmation. It will restart itself immediately as you press the right keys simultaneously: power button and volume-up button. If the volume-up button doesn’t work, try the volume-down button. If it still doesn’t work, you can refer to your phone’s manual.

Remove the battery:

If the tips above don’t do too much, then your last resort would likely be removing your Android phone’s battery. Not that you’ll have to buy replacement parts already, but perhaps your phone already needs to restart by removing your battery if the previous methods fail.
Well, that’s for Android phones. But you must also consider that Android phones are different from iPhones. So, here are the tricks to unfreeze the screen of your iPhone:

Unfreezing a Stuck iPhone

Force-close an app:

Like that of Android phones, iPhones can also force an app to close. To do so, tap the Home button twice to display the Multitask bar—the app switcher. From there, scroll left or right to find the frozen app. When you found it, just toss it up to close it.

Restart your phone:

If it’s not just the app that’s acting wonky but the entire system of your phone, then you should restart your phone already. Just hold the sleep button until the “slide to power off” appears, and slide your finger from left to right to turn off your phone. To turn back your phone on, press the Sleep button once again and wait for the logo to appear. Give it a minute, and then your phone will function back to normal.

Force-restart your phone:

Now, if your phone has totally frozen in which it doesn’t respond with every tap and press of buttons, then you may now need to restart your phone forcefully. Since removing the battery is not applicable for iPhone, the best way to force-restart it is to hold the Sleep button and the Home button simultaneously for a few seconds until the Apple logo shows. Your phone then will automatically restart.

There you go. Next time you experience your phone’s screen getting stuck, try these tips to get your phones functioning again.

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