Monday, September 16, 2013

A Smart Speaker for Your Smartphone

Your smartphone is capable of a variety of things. The possibilities seem to be endless with it in your hands. However, in order for it to be the ultimate gadget, you have to partner it with apps or mobile accessories that can boost its performance. Picking up the right add-ons can make you use your handheld device as you desire.

If you’re a music lover who likes to get to the rhythm of the beat, then you should always carry a boombox wherever you go. But nowadays when portability is the name of the game, you would simply look like a fool once you carry a full-size stereo on top of your head, while bouncing it up in the air. Good thing, Jawbone, the Bluetooth headset, head band, and speaker company, has just recently announced its latest line-up of Bluetooth speakers. The Mini Jambox is smaller than its predecessors, and it packs in more volume. It is just 24.5 mm thin and 58 mm tall, and it weighs only 255 grams; it is just roughly the size and weight of two Hershey bars put together. The Mini Jambox is made of a solid piece of aluminum with a variety of grille styles and patterns. There are nine different colors to choose from. You can absolutely find one that will speak out your personality.

According to Travis Bogard, overseer of the product development at Jambox, “How a product fits into your life is as important to us as the product itself.” And having a portable speaker made by a company that has a good reputation for producing great sound is enough for you to bring life to the party. The mini contraption has a proprietary passive bass radiator to increase bass levels and a pair of stereo acoustic drivers to produce a crisp sound. Not only that it is good for paying music; it, too, is perfect to give you the thrills when watching movies and make you exhilarated when playing video games.

It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, making sure that you aren’t using more power than you need to. You can be able to walk the streets of the big city, playing music all the way without even minding about any wires because it is completely wireless. It is powered by an internal Lithium-ion battery that runs for 10 hours straight for an all-night long jamming. Its battery can be completely recharged by the use of a micro USB cable.

The Mini Jambox is quite an awesome device, but it does come with a price. It retails at $179, and we can all agree that it isn’t a cheap audio accessory. But if you’re an on-the-go person who wants to take the music with you wherever you are, then this just might be the thing that you need.

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