Monday, September 9, 2013

iPhone Food Apps that Satisfy Your Cravings

 Let’s say you went on a trip and visited a place that you only know by name. Well, of course, the first thing you want to know is where would be the great place to stay and the landmarks you shouldn’t miss. But when your stomach starts growling, and your knees begin buckling, can you even think straight of what food should you choose? And to ask some serious questions, do you know where the great place to eat is? Should you find a restaurant and munch to your satisfaction or just to cook a meal for yourself? Hmm, if you’re hungry enough, you can try a fast food chain, which by the way, isn’t healthy. It will help you if you have your own car, but if you have to comb all the restaurants here and there, you’ll most likely end up finding a dish that is just good in presentation, but not as good  as it tastes and isn’t worth the splurge.

Save your piece of dime and your energy; let the magical device we call smartphone do its way. But of course, the great iPhone can't do it all alone. With the right apps, you can stop that stomach from growling as you stop those knees from buckling—and most especially, prevent the dreadful hunger pangs. Are you already aching to taste these apps for food? Get your taste buds all set with these apps that would make you drool:

#1: Urbanspoon

To have some bits and bites with Urbanspoon, it has been one of the first apps available in the iTunes app store. Yet still, it has remained one of the most popular apps on iTunes. Won’t you swallow that spoonful of *insert your all time favorite food here*? In order for this app to classify restaurants, it bases on three factors alone: neighborhood, type of cuisine, and price. Do you know how a slot machine works? You can resemble Urbanspoon’s interface with slot machine’s pretty neat and fun design. Shaking your iPhone isn’t hard especially if you are already shaking with hunger. And here’s how it works: when the column stops, the app will search for restaurants and present you with a result that meets all three criteria. It then displays the restaurant’s phone number, address, and user reviews. And if the result doesn’t do much for you, rather than shaking your head, shake the iPhone instead.

#2: Epicurious

You are craving for a specific food that your taste buds itch to taste. Well, what do you know! You have all those ingredients needed sitting on your fridge! All you have to do is… there you go. You’re already stuck in a rut. Turn on your laptop, search for the recipe, print it and start cooking! But what if you changed your mind? Will you, again and again, and again repeat the process? With Epicurious, you can have the recipe in just a simple tap. It will even help you plan out a full menu as it gives you access to thousands of recipes, which you can find from the website If you’re about to shop for the ingredients, you don’t need to create a grocery list as this app details all that you need with its interactive shopping list.

#3: Dinner Spinner

Adelle Davis once said, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.” But, with Dinner Spinner, you’ll most likely include snacks before meal and midnight snacks! (Hey, shouldn’t the name be all-food spinner then?) Get your tummy prepared as the website hosts more than 40,000 user-submitted recipes. From appetizers, desserts, poultry, brunch, and you name it. Out of all the recipes, you’ll be left with a bursting tummy. This app helps you choose a recipe with, yet again, three categories: dish type, ingredients, and “ready in” time. You just have to choose something in each category, and spin the dinner spinner. What’s great about this app is that you’ll know how much long will it take for the food to prepare. And if you’re just in for randomness, shake the phone for it to make a complete random search.

So, what are you waiting for? Know what’s cooking and have your empty, growling stomach filled! What’s more appetizing than knowing that these apps for iPhone are actually free? But make sure you have pumped your phone up with enough battery energy through your portable charger or it will be left starving more than you do.

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