Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Smartwatches for Everybody

The talk about smartwatches has just begun and it doesn’t revolve around the tech giants alone to explore what is out there for wearable technology. A prominent automaker, Nissan, has presented us with their version of a smartwatch configured to a Nissan car (obviously) called the Nismo Smartwatch.

Nissan never intended to compete with any of the tech giants in the smartphone industry. Then again, this doesn’t imply that it would not be crafting top of the line technology for its drivers. This they have taken action through the release of the Nismo Smartwatch, a smartwatch that is capable of carrying biometric data that assists in driver performance and efficiency. This capability is what separates it from other smartwatch manufacturers that are usually in the electronics department. The Nismo Smartwatch is not a competition, but the first to launch such a technology in car and motors industry. This gadget is set specifically for Nissan Nismo car drivers. It includes a lithium battery for power and can be recharged by its particular charger via microUSB. It can give you a battery life of more than a week under normal condition.

So what came to mind for Nissan to tread through unknown waters? It’s not as much as unknown to the car company but it is still a huge step forward all the same. Nissan’s Marketing Communications General Manager Gareth Dunsmore has provided two simple reasons: 1) people are very much inclined to wasting their money on high-end technology of which the smartwatch is already a part of and this will directly correspond to the increase in consumer interest and 2) to continue the digitalized experience that the Nissan Nismo has showcased and make it more accessible through the Nismo Smartwatch.

Essentially, the Nismo Smartwatch is meant to cater to the needs of Nismo athletes, hence the conveyance of biometric data to the driver. Data such as the heart rate are all forwarded to the user and everyone who is concerned in real-time. Nevertheless, the smartwatch is adept in two other functionalities: monitor the efficiency of the vehicle using car data and a watch.

Using the Nismo Smartwatch, the user can oversee the performance of his vehicle, its average speed and fuel consumption, and vehicle telematics. You would no longer need to pop the trunk just to see what might went wrong with your vehicle, is it in need of oil change, tuning, etcetera. If say the car did dysfunction, the user will get tailored car messages from Nissan via the Nismo Smartwatch.

Like all watches, it delivers time and date, only now, it’s all digitalized and easily accessible through touch technology.

It is not as close to being available for pre-orders on your trusted online stores just yet but will be put on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month of September for anyone who wishes to see it first-hand.

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