Monday, September 23, 2013

It’s About to BOX Out the Office

Everybody who is acquainted with Microsoft Office has been reliant on its outstanding file editing capabilities on various needs by the common user. May it be for procuring documents, generating reports for business statements, or creating presentations for a product or software launching, Microsoft Office takes the lead to provide all these with ease rendering it the leading patron for file editing software. Though it is proprietary in nature, consumers still vies for its user-friendly features that other file editing software made complicated. However, the tables might turn this time around and leave Microsoft with yet another exceptional competitor. 

Called the Box Notes, this is Aaron Levie’s version of a file editing software. The files are the ones stored up on cloud where they are kept secured with all the necessary defenses. This cloud file storage is termed “Box,” hence the name Box Notes. Websites have shared their objective points through articles which of course, sparked the world into a debate – people that include critics and your usual social crowd and some commentators in online mobile stores for reasons I don’t know, have given their own set of opinions regarding the topic at hand and they beg to disagree.

Their arguments? Read on.

1.       It’s an app. Box Notes is much like an app to Box as Evernote is to Android and iOS devices. Sure enough, it supplies the conventional text editing operations that Office has been delivering for centuries now. But because it acts like an app, it lacks other important aspects making it less than appealing if an individual is after outright editing of his digital files on the go. People will still go for what was familiar and easy. Indulging into a new software such as Box Notes is a sudden change of routine, (yes, routine as that’s what Microsoft Office is to a lot of people to this time) and can be a little staggering to move from one software to another.

2.       It’s not free. Not everything comes as a handout especially when it is something as elegant as Box cloud storage. Just as Box Notes is an integrated functionality to the digital file sharer, expect that it would take a load off your pockets to lodge it for utilization. After all, top security for your digital files doesn’t come without a price.

3.       It has few features. Box Notes is basically a simple text editor. To the expert eyes, it may appear as if it is Notepad, only it’s web-based. As of now, it could only provide simple editing features like the paragraph and text orientation. Then again, with the innovative minds engineering it, it may get a whole lot better than Notepad and maybe even Office itself. Who knows, right?

Box Notes is an asset to Box cloud storage facility, as much as a charger is to practically every gadget available. No one can deny that. Sooner than later, it might be for the rest of the world as well. But let’s not jump into any conclusion just yet. Whatever the future holds for the company, good or bad, I’m quite sure Box Notes has its own way of sweeping off the crowd like Microsoft Office and Google Docs had when the stage was theirs to take.

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