Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Online Advertising is Not for Everybody

The Internet has served the mass for centuries up till now where it is considered one of the most vital facets of living by each and every individual with a computer. At first, it was solely for military purposes and each year or possibly more, it continues to escalate into something bigger. Snail mail has evolved to electronic mail which is now popularly known as emailing or e-mails; grocery shopping has never been so convenient with unlimited online stores spread across the web; and then we have connectivity through social networking.

The Internet continues to grow and won’t be reaching its maturity any time soon. People will carry on placing just about everything into the web from food, clothing, to cell phone cases and latest gadgets, especially when it has now become an indispensable medium for people and businesses alike. People go to the Internet to connect with their loved ones –family and friends. The same is true with business establishments; they aim to connect with people across the globe to further their trades. This they do with online advertising.

See those pictures or videos placed at the bottom corner and side of your computer screen? Those are called ads. They are annoying and completely insensible for the common web user. You visited a website for a reason, be it be for editing photos and/or videos or downloading your favorite music from a trusted online music store. You came there not to go through a number of advertisements that may or may not be limiting the time you have allotted for doing what you really came there for.

Why are they there anyway? For one, they are there because they paid to consume that corner space. Several serve as sponsors for your website preferences while others are pranks for the innocents who like to click at anything that blinks. I remember my cousin, who is a complete newbie at browsing the web, searched for tablet accessories he can use for his brand new Google Nexus 7. He pestered me with questions as to where he could find a trusted store and so I told him to first check out the web before going to mall stores to save the effort if by chance he won’t find anything he likes. Then he saw those annoying little ads displayed all over the screen and he began pestering me once again. So I told him, “Don’t go clicking any of those. They might contain a virus. It won’t kill you. But I will if you click any one of those. So don’t.” He didn’t. Ha!

You can’t trust all those ads as a number of them can come from professional hackers trying to get into your accounts and important file documents. Some, well, they simply want to plant a worm and destroy everything just for the fun of it. Moreover, these ads have not been good for the children of America. They learn lessons beyond the school curriculum and this has been a problem for the parents of these kids. A certain search engine giant is now up for questioning.

Because we cannot supervise our children’s deeds all the time, it’s up to the Internet to supply restrictions in order to avoid having children learn what they are not supposed to learn at their age. This should be put into consideration the same way online advertisements are put up for display.

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