Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories That You Shouldn’t Miss

 The latest flagship of Samsung so far this year 2013 is the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung even claims that it is a real life companion. It aims to help us in bringing us closer, and make every photo speak for its story, with all those fun moments that are real worth the capture. It aspires not to complicate our lives, but to simplify it by enhancing our digital lifestyle. You think gadgets of today—with all those advancements—can wreak havoc on our health? Think again. This front runner of Samsung sure knows how to turn the table as it cares enough to monitor not only the niftiness of the gadget per se, but also our health and well-being.

Awesome as it is, but smartphones like this still aren’t that favored with regards to protection and/or maximizing its potential. As how it should be, manufacturers build these devices as blank canvases, and we, the users, are the ones responsible for making these devices into magical machines. And so, to do our part to make the most out of this pristine Samsung Galaxy S4, it’s a must for each user to buy accessories that could make the gadget do its part incredibly. Here are the top 3 beefy Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories that you shouldn’t miss:

1: S Band
Did I say that Samsung knows how to turn the table? Now, with this S Band, tracking your steps, calories, distance, and sleep quality would run all the way to your fitness! Keep motivated as well as this fitness tracker wristband is accommodated by the updated S Health 2.0 app. You can now get all your stats monitored to keep you healthy and shaped-up!

2: Game Pad

All work and no play makes Jack a what? Now this is more than dull. Once in a while, one should have a time off from work, or he will become simultaneously bored and boring. You think playing with this pristine phone would be quite a handful? With Game Pad, not anymore. Gamers will definitely get hyped up with what this game console offers as it is a portable Bluetooth game pad that resembles to that of XBox controller. With this accessory, you can dock your gadget and holler that it’s time to play the game! This may also suit for Note 2 as well.

3: Protective Back Case Cover

Would you even let your hard-earned phone be an outlet for your grumpiness? You may shudder for countless times, but your phone isn’t safe from all the bumps and blows. With all those dreadful impending incidents, gearing it up with a protective back case cover would most likely be an essential accessory for your phone. While you’re at it, look for designs that will best suit your taste. Check out this Head Case Designs sturdy back case that barely adds any bulk or weight, but still offers an optimum protection for your phone against scuffs and bumps. It sure does soothe the savage beast inside you.

In order to live life to the fullest—and evidently, to make most out of every single thing—one must learn to be watchful with their health, have time to de-stress, and protect the things important. There should be three things to remember: health, enjoyment, and longevity. And you can find them with these three accessories that are available in online mobile stores or in-stores.

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